Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thought Process

Texas is weird.
Southern Women are charming
Our Accents inspire admiration...and giggles.
Coming to Texas is like going to a different country.
I have terrible writers block so I am just going in short bursts trying to get it back again.
It=writing ability.
I cannot come up with anything to write about.
I am now rambling.
I need to stop.
But I haven't figured out what to write yet.
I hate traffic.
I am addicted to cough drops.
I went into full beast mode this morning at garage sales, and got awesome shiz.
I am really pale
It's only going to get worse through winter
Self tanner makes me orange
Orange is a strange word
I live in Orange Texas.
Texas is weird.
This has no point
I need to do homework
I have to read 3 chapters of Government
I have to make a outline for my next speech in Public Speaking
I need to read four chapters in Theatre
Why did I type "3" but write out "four"
Why do I even notice that
I apologize if you are wasting your life right now.
I feel like doing something completely irrational, with no purpose but to say 'i wanted to'
I have to go get a birthday present for the 2 year old's birthday party.
What do 2 year olds like
2. two..
two. too. to. through. threw.
like a cow!
I like cows.
I want a cow.
A giant one.
Actually a tiny one. one the size of a dog. They have those now.
I want one.
I need to finish my Thing in a Jar.
I am procrastinating the simplest step.
I am procrastinating. Period.
This is boring.