Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I posted this on twitter, but I am so in awe of what hypocrites these protesters are.

Where do you think Wall Street gets it's money?
From those very people that are protesting.

They are all consumers. Big time from the looks of all their iphones and ipads and brand name clothes &
do not even get me started on all the celebrities jumping on the band-wagon of this movement.
Are they serious with that?

You are going to protest about greed and putting money back into the 'main stream'
Stop buying big-business products.
The celebrities that are there- seriously, get on with that Kanye West. You can't say shit about greed.

It baffles me that these people are doing this. And now they are protesting homes? That is only going to make matters worse. 

What are they honestly trying to accomplish? An equalization of power? They wouldn't really like that. Too much responsibility. The top 50% already pays 96% of the taxes, and I'm confident they aren't willing to carry that burden. Cut spending? WHERE. Our deficit is up so much you would literally have to cut damn-near every.single. social program and the military to balance the budget.

What is the solution?