Friday, October 7, 2011

Large Black and moos.

Cows. Moo. I feel like I have been writing a lot about them lately, or thinking about writing a lot about them lately, but I seriously could not resist letting the world have access to the knowledge that THIS SHIT HAPPENS.

Beau and me took a wrong turn the other night in a small hick-town that TLC won't even come to film things in because of a)how small it is b)it's history with racism. Points if you know what town Im talking about. Points and a cookie. A BATCH OF COOKIES.

Either way we almost slam into a herd of cows in the middle of the road. Large. Large Cows. Large Black Cows. Large Black Cows that were everywhere. All over this guys front lawn, his ditch, meandering into the road. LARGE COWS MOOING EVERYWHERE. 

Beau being a rancher at heart (He has never lived on a ranch, but the boy can dream) Stopped to ask the lone man standing in the midst of this if he needed help getting them all back in their pen. There are like 50 of them.

NOPE. This guy with all seriousness is like "Oh they're like my dogs. I just let them out to run around and graze" Me and beau fall into a fit of hysterical laughter, the man didn't get it.

Beau asked to pet one. The man said yes. I said no.

Reading about it doesn't do it justice.

But as we left Beau rolled the windows down and with such enthusiasm pronounced "MOOOOOO"

so um yeah....moo


PS. This reminds me of a time when beau and his pal were driving down this street at like 2am. They threw a bottle out the window (i do not condone this) and hit a cow. It had escaped, they didn't know it was there, and they hit it with a bottle. It came at them.