Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This will make me no friends im sure.

Being Politically correct is HORSESHIT.

-If you are "vertically challenged"- imma call you a midget.
-If you are "horizontally accessable" - imma call you a slut.
-If you are "differently abled" - Imma probably call you handicapped
-BTW I say retard. But I don't mean it horribly, I just refuse to be PC. Because it all means the same thing.
-I'm not going to call my dog my "companion species." Shes a dog. A pet. above her. And just because you can punt her across a room doesn't disqualify her from being a dog. She will still bite your ass.
-Certain pieces of work, are better than others
-There are people prettier than you.
-If you are African American// a person of color- Imma call you black. Because chances are, you don't have dual citizenship with Africa. Hell you probably weren't born there. You probably haven't even been there. So you are black. And I am white. I don't ask to be a "European-Native-American" Because im white. and American. That is all.
-White people aren't the only racists. It applies to anyone buddy.
-My hamburger, will remain a hamburger. I won't call it processed Cow Carcass. Mainly because I like thinking my meat grows on trees. thankyouverymuch
- Women. Not Womyn.
- I will say "Hey your gay" Because if your not, don't get offended. and if you are- you are gay. it's what you are, suck it up. Straight//gay. I dont give a flying flit which, but im not going to cater to your every whim because your sensitive.
-Most Affirmative action is discriminatory against whites. and asians.
- I will judge your culture for a history of cannibalism//sacrifice if you are going to judge mine by slavery.
-Obama is just as white as he is black
-Disability is too easily handed out.  Me or anyone else shouldnt have to pay for your drug//alcohol habits// your add which wont allow you to keep a job.
-You should stop being lazy. And stop bitching about not getting things, because you have to chase after what you want darling.
-Your kids are probably annoying.
-A swat on the butt teaches kids
-Circumsision is not your choice for another parent. Also- I don't want to hear about your choice.
-Rich people should not have to pay more taxes.
-Your conspiracy theory is probably false. Sorry to take that away from you
-A pirate will kick your ninja's ass any day.
-You do not know everything

If I have personally offended you, oh well.. If not- good on you.
But if I did- send me a comment. All comments go directly to my email which pings my phone. SO if you wanna piss me off immencely, ping me late at night. a lot. a lot a lot. I don't wake up to one or two. =]