Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Repent Ye Young Sinner

True Story.

Waiter- "Sinner"

Me- "You make the baby Jesus cry."

Waiter- "No I don't, I'm Catholic"

Beau- "Go Repent Ye Young Sinner"

W- "You don't have to repent when you are as close to your priest as I am"

B-"Yeah, but didn't you ever get tired of waking up next to strange priests?"

W-" They were never strange! We got to know eachother very well throughout the night. THANKYOUVERYMUCH"

Me- " in the biblical sense?"

Who.the.hell. has conversations with their waiter like that?

In other news- I recently became a man

I had a beard too before I..err....shaved it off. Yeah thats right, shaved. Because I'm a man.