Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Body. I'm trying.

Dear Hair: I love your out of control crazy curls. I am so sorry I used to try to tame you with gel, with straighteners, with nasty products that didn't let you be fabulous. You hold so much personality, and are so easy to style, you let me laugh at girls who have to get ready 2+ hours in advance, because you are always ready to go. Thank you so much. You are my favorite. (just don't tell everyone else)

Dear eyes: I adore the color of you two. You should know I always do my best to make you the center of attention on my face. You allow me to visualize all the absurd people, places, and things i associate with in life and let me see the awe-inspiring sights of the world.

Dear ears: You re small, like moms. I like it. You do your job and go above the line of duty with all the blaring noises I've subjected you too. Sorry, the concerts were too good to pass up. I appreciate you dearly.

Dear nose: You are like a button, and I am very happy with you. You fit with my face well and i have no desire to ever change you. Stay sweet don't change xoxo

Dear lips: I never really give you the credit you deserve. I am always piling on chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, lipliner, chapstick. chapstick. chapstick. chapstick. I keep good care of you, and its because i love you and hate when youre in pain. You are the perfect size, shape, and plumpness. I am just getting the hang of highlighting your place on my face properly. give me time. Love you =]

Dear face: You make some of the strangest contortions i or anyone else has ever seen. You are so emotive with every tweak, and i find it highly entertaining to make 'faces'. Everyone always comments on the silly ways you take shape. The single freckle splat straight onto the middle of my right cheek is cute. I have grown extremely fond of it over the years, even making sure I don't cover it too much with makeup. ALSO dear face- You hold makeup extremely well and allow me to always switch things up and be adventurous. Without looking like a clown. And that's good because clowns are terrifying. And then you would look scared. Sad clown wanna kill somebody?

Dear Tattoo: Of course You weren't originally here. But you are here to stay. You mean so much to me. You are so unique and some people don't understand you. It's hard to explain you sometimes, but you are for me. not for anyone else. You should already know how much I love you because I got a needle repeatedly drilled into my skin just so you would be a part of me. And if that's not love I don't know what is.

Dear Hands: You do so much work. Lifting, holding, texting, typing, drawing, coloring, stretching, pulling, tearing. You are almost always dirty. With paint, with dirt, with any sort of random things i get myself into. I paint your nails in vain, and i chew on them mercilessly when I get anxious. You do so much for me, I need to take better pride in you. BTW the single tiny freckle on the left ring finger is adorable. It just joined the family recently, but it's love. It can stay.

Dear Pinkies: You are special and get your own thank you. You are so individual that I can't help but love you. You are the very first thing that mom noticed about me when I was born, and anyone can identify me by you. Even though I can never cover someone's eyes and surprise them. they just run their fingers along you and they instantly know it's me. But I think that's pretty cool too. TruLUV4eva

Dear Tummy: We don't have an awesome relationship. But you are soft, and have given many a small animal and babies a place to rest. I have to be blunt- I am trying to change you. But for now we will have to come to terms.

Dear legs: You poor things. I can't remember a recent time when you haven't been sore. Especially with the recent addition of wearing heels more often. But I love you two. You hold me up and keep on going even when i really don't want to. You climb, and bend, and walk, and skip, and so many more things.

Dear scars: You are each one of many. You each definitely represent adventure, each have a story. Each from a different time in my life. Some are large and have names "Fifth of July" and some of you are barely visible- here's looking at you Theatre door scar. But each of you has a memory, most of them good surprisingly enough. And "fifth of July" I'm sorry. I know you needed stitches. But you re okay. We were too country for that.

Dear large toes: You are weird. In every picture since I was born you have been sticking straight up. And I STILL do that. just habit. It's weird. I'm doing it right now. You know that though...

So dear Body: I love you. I'm Trying. I spend way too much time thinking about all your flaws. My under eye darkness, my pale legs, my small boobs and my tummy..oy.

It would be a lot better if I just stopped. If i took steps to get healthier (which I am) and appreciated the hard work and the good that you do. I love you.

-Nikki. (you) (this is getting complicated.)


Paula said...

This is so pretty...

Nikki said...

Thank you so much Paula!

atomicgirl said...

Love this post!

Nikki said...

Thank you atomic girl!