Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When did this happen and why wasn't I told!

I hung out with my dear friend, T-Wayne, today and we decided to go to the highschool to visit our old chemistry teacher, who is the most amazing chemistry teacher on the face of the planet.

She let us blow things up on a consistent basis, set huge fires in her room, and we once evacuated the school. She has several times but I was there once which makes me jealous of everyone else who were there the other time because there really is nothing like a school hearing alarms and in an organized stampede going outside. And getting to watch the confused horror on their faces and knowing that I helped put it there. I happen to get a bit smug.

And then there was the explosion. Ok that really didnt happen.

Anyway we are walking in and the following conversation occured

T-Wayne : "Why do I get the feeling I am walking into hell"
Me: "Because you are. That's not a feeling, that is a fact."

And that pretty much wraps up how I feel about highschool.

We are minding our own business. Noticing the little changes here and there they made and la-di-dah. This man/janitor person came up to me and asked if I needed help getting my door unlocked to set up my room for the year.

WHEN did I become old enough to look like I can have a highschool Classroom of my own?
I get that I look 12. 16 on a good day. Today is not a good day. I had about 5% (its really convinent that 5 and % are on the same key) makeup on and yet i still look that old? Give me a break. Whennnn did That happen. I am both stoked and Sad. (I don't know why I Keep capitalizing things at random. Sorry)

I am about 95% (5!!) sure I am going insane.

-Nikki. Bitch.