Monday, August 22, 2011

Back on my Grind

I solemnly swear to never say that again.
Now that that is out of the way-

My second "official" year in college started this morning bright in shining in the morn at 8. What was I thinking taking a class starting at 8am? I'll tell you what I was thinking taking a class starting at 8am- I had no choice. It's because I procrastinate. Because all later classes were filled. Because this is the only time slot I still had open. Because I had to. Maybe one day when I have a tubed up piece of parchment in my hand will I forgive myself for having to wake up at 6.

My 8 am class is my Intro to Computing class. I think I am really going to like the teacher. I already took this class once but had to drop it because my teacher bored me to tears and she hated me. So I made sure to not get her again. Here's looking at you- Mrs. Jinx. Here's to you for failing me even though you could have made it seem like I was never there at all. And here's to you for hating me because I could look at stumble upon all class long and still make A's on your tests.

Also- I have a Public Speaking class. I am too socially awkward for this shit yall! My teacher's the bomb-diggity even though she did relate us all to eagles. Eagles are huge and I'm pretty sure they could eat me whole. Oh and it's illegal to kill the bald ones. OK so that makes them bad-asses, I'm suddenly more okay being compared to one. She once ran for Congress. The teacher, not the eagle. Because the eagle is me. And I didn't run for Congress.

Government sucks. That's all the nice things I have to say about that class.

A weird thing always happens at the beginning of the school year. Well two. Well a lot but I'll talk about two.
1. I always start out super motivated to stay on top of everything and super organized. this always fails.
2. There's always a crap-ton of people at the beginning. It freaks me out.

And another thing I noticed- Everyone hides behind their cellular devices. :/

No Apple for Mrs. Jinxs!