Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have a Whiner!

For once, I wasn't the poutey one.

Have you ever been to Bucees?
He hasnt. He never even knew it was a real place until we passed 15 billboards for it in our town. The rest of the night he wouldnt shut his pie hole and got all butt hurt because i wouldn't drive 2+ hours at 6pm FOR A GAS STATION

He is still wanting to go to the magical place of the beaver. How in the world did I get into this? It's getting bad.

On a different note- Geocashing is the shiznit. I kinda suck at it but Im getting better! I feel like a pirate going on a secret mission to go treasure hunting. AKA I feel like a badass. yeahhhh buddy!

Give me yer booty or I'll make you walk the plank!