Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They dropped it like it was hot.

Today marks 5 years of the removal of the title "Planet" from Pluto.

and all I have to say is -WTF NASA

I still consider it a planet. Try and stop me. I will stab you in the left testicular with a sharp moon rock, but try, go ahead. Not a threat- A promise.

But on a serious note- I honestly don't understand why the change was made. It was like that for a while...

It hurts my heart to know that my future children will now have to say "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine" WTF. NINE WHAT? Way to leave a giant cliffhanger to us all NASA.


I decided to go to an outside source, and apparently, I am the only one heartbroken about this.

But to truly test that theory, I took it to the good people at Omegle because that is, after all where the great thinkers of my generation go to answer life's pressing questions.

They didn't fail me.
Welcome to the future.


Anonymous said...

I want this picture as a T-shirt.

Paula said...

"Pluto: Proof That size does matter" That's awesome!!!