Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My bum hurts.

Because I just got VIOLATED by my school's bookstore.


That is including two USED ones. And excluding one book that the publisher sent the wrong package for. Which just so happens to be the most expensive book I will have to buy. That one book will be $200 alone y'all! This is ridiculous!

Add that to tuition, regular school supplies, and all the GD fees we 'have' to pay like to use the stupid library. Which is consequently where I am typing this from. I am going to use that money to its fullest. What pisssssessss me off beyond all belief is when The librarians and school admins get on to the student population for using too much paper. I SPENT $200 DOLLARS IN LIBRARY FEES. WE ALL DID. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT MONEY GOING IF NOT TO EFFING PAPER. SO NO. I will not limit how much paper I want to use. I will use all of it if I damn well please. I PAID FOR IT.



I need an icepack

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Nattybug said...

I knowwwww how you feel! My books, IF I can get them used, are going to cost about $600 - for 4 books I believe. Used. Aggghhhh!