Friday, August 12, 2011

Im melting.

Man, it is HOT yall!

Getting into a car with 100+ degree weather outside is enough to make my skin crawl away and hide. My leather steering wheel doenst exactly feel nice and cozy on my phalanges.

This is what I have resorted to.

(please excuse my little sausage fingers and my dirty fingernails.)

Yes. That is a pipe cleaner.
No that is not my car. It's Momma Bears. It was behind mine so I drove it instead because quite frankly im lazy.

I had one on each side (10&2) and used that to steer. I looked like I was in charge of a horse-drawn buggy, and it was awesome.

Luckily my steering wheel cooled down five minutes down a back road so the only thing that saw me was a cow. And i swear to Henry, I swear I witnessed that heifer laugh at me.

It is hot it is hot it is hot IT IS HOT


Tamatha said...

That is BRILLIANT! I'm in Texas too and this heat is INSANE, I think I shall purchase pipe-cleaners today ;)

Nikki said...

Gurlll, Ill tell you what, they are amazing! I am starting to keep a 'pair' in my car at all times! :D

Nattybug said...

LOL that is the funniest, cutest thing I have ever seen.

Oh and I'm Nattybug from MIG...just in case you were wondering "who the heck is that?" :)