Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl Days

After being surrounded by family, 'in-laws', stress, trouble, and a slew of horrible things. oh and boys. surrounded by nothing but boys. It will take a toll on you. That is why I am so excited for some time out just to spend time with my best friend today.

I used to be one of those girls who was like "I get along with boys better, I only have boy friends, girls bring too much drama blah blah blippity blah" But I have recently found out the importance of having friends of the female variety.

Five reasons why having girl friends is essential.

1. They get it. Sorry boys, but girls will trump you in understanding another girls problems.

2. You can chatter (gossip) till the cows come home. Gossip is such an ugly word. More like- Bonding over common nosey-ness.

3. They are easier to talk to. Period.

4. You can get squealy and school-girl-esq without being judged. "omgsh he said WHAT? eeekkkk that totally means he is going to ask you to marry him" Love. Every girl needs these moments. Don't lie and say you don't (unless youre a boy. That is probably foreign to you if you're a boy)

5. Ice cream. I cannot tell you how much ice cream has been shared between me and girl pals. It fixes everything from broken hearts to swollen mouths. and everything in between.

6. (i know i said five but this needs to be said) They smell better. Sorry! Universal truth.