Friday, June 24, 2011

Turning Point

I am at a point in my life that big decisions need to be made.
Or at least thought about more in-depth.

And i have come to the absolute conclusion that no matter what i do or say about any big decisions, I am going to piss someone off. In a big way.

And I know the logical thing to say is "screw them all do what makes you happy" but that is a lot easier said than done for me because i am too polite to make people mad on purpose (unless i really really want to. but i still feel bad after)

Like I would really like to post things on here or on fb, or say things to peoples face, but they would offend people in my life so much that its easier to just hold my tounge. I would really like to get my true thoughts and feelings out in the open about certain people in my life, and certain events, but its just not worth the hassle in the end.

So i am being torn in two opposite directions

1. Get everything into the open. Make decisions for me and only me without thinking of anyone else because it's not their life. Go insane because of the backlash that would come with it.
2. Keep everything in. Make decisions while taking everyone's thoughts and opinions close on my mind. Go insane because im not fully in control of my own life.

So either way- im going to go insane.

So which way is better? Only time would tell. Some things need to be done of course, Some things need to be said. But how do I go about it in such a way to not entirely piss of majorities in my life?