Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Smell Of Rain

absolutely delights my heart. =]

I sure am glad that we got a storm. Heaven knows we need it.

Near 2 feet under what we should have gotten this year.
Wildfires springing up everywhere
Crops failing completely,
Burn ban.
No fireworks for the 4th.

We need the rain.
And I sure do love it.

My only problem is that Toto is going besurk because the Thunder Monster is outside.

Other than that- Bliss.


amratzlaff42 said...

Agreed. Storms are beautiful. Last one we got I just sat on the front porch and watched it come in and do it's thing.
i found you on PW and thought I'd check it out :)

Nikki said...

Well thank you for stopping by!

I absolutely idolize PW. I watch her site like a hawk.