Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My birthday weekend (the concise edition)


-Beaus mom got life-flighted to the hospital. Met her there at 1:45 am Friday morning

-Left Hospital at Noon,assured she was a-ok.

-Finished packing and last minute shopping. Loaded up car

-Drove to Galveston, tired as all get out, Beau fell asleep on the way.

-Ferry. Dolphin Palooza

-Got to Galveston, traffic sucks.

-Checked in at the Beachcomber Inn. Top floor. Stairs damn near vertical.

-Harnessed ourselves into a little metal cage. Got shot up 130 feet going 0-70 mph in 1.5 seconds. Freefell 100ft face first.

-Mini Golf. Kicked beaus butt. We cheated.

-Golden Corral for supper. Beau ate steak rare. he is nasty.

-Back to the hotel to rest briefly.

-Got Marble Slab. Mine was birthday cake(duh) with marshmellows, oreo bits and grahm crackers. sinful.

-Drove around the island

-Back to the hotel, crashed out for the night


-Momma Bear arrives at 8.

- Ihop for breakfast. They sang to me and gave me ice cream.

-Moody Gardens, Rainforest!

-Moody Gardens, Aquarium!

-Watched Seal and Penguin feedings


-Momma and Beau get into beforementioned bungee cage. Proud of momma

-Water Ride at the Rainforest Cafe

-Ate at the Rainforest Cafe for supper. VOLCANO and embarrased me for my birthday. I had to get up, put two cups in my mouth (very reminicent of a birthday at joes crab shack some 10 years ago) and flap my arms like a bird in front of the entire restraunt whilst they sang to me. Video later


- Beau and I walked the beach at dark

-Crash out for the night

Sunday Funday!

-Slept, Grumpy when forced up


- Beach



-Ferry/no dolphins.

-Hospital to see Beaus Mother and Godmother. And my papi. Who is looking a lot better =]


Now we are all (momma bear, me, beau) in excruciating pain from our sunburns. going 12-2 wasnt smart.

Beau has 2nd degree burns.

Buttt my birthday weekend was absolutely fabulous, better than i could have asked for. Filled with suprises, laughter, and new adventures =]