Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Toto

Curious pup

Hell froze over
(Hell must have frozen for her to be still AND looking at the camera. Lets go ice skating)

She is adorable, I know. She also is in desperate need of a groomer.

Just relaxing
Just chillin in the 95 degree big deal.

Toto is the type of dog that's nice to come home to. Tail a'waggin she greets you at the door and follows you wherever you may go, eagerly sniffing at tossed off shoes, attempting to decode what brave, marvelous adventures you've been on. (Dogs always think you are a hero) She hops on the couch wanting to be loved on.

This lasts about five point five minutes and then she ignores you entirely. You become a part of the couch to her. Unless that is, Unless you touch one of her toys. I swear if you touch one of her favorites she will come galloping from wherever she is, usually
-her chair
-her cave, or
-her sunny spot by the window.

That being said, she is also a spoiled brat.

--She has so many toys that we can rotate them. When she gets tired of some we put them up and pull her old ones out of hiding and she is like a kid on christmas thinking she just got all new toys! Except for like 4 that she will get visibly upset if she can't find and frantically searches the entire house. Then she goes to her only coping mechanism after trying to solve this problem. Crying. Until we go find them for her.--

Where's my ball?
looking for her ball

-She has several balls in different color. She picks a new one every day and wont play with any of the others. Today's was red. -

A puppy's love

She is a little rebel. Toto knows her commands and she openly defys them. She acknowleges that she hears you then ignores what you say. Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn! If she doesn't feel like doing something it's NOT getting done.

For example: I will say "Toto,come!". She will prance into the room, look at in my eyes, throw back her tiny little head and WALK AWAY!!

OOOOO she makes me so mad sometimes! But I love her. She is a goof. When I was choosing her from the litter, I bonded with her immediately, we even share the same birthday *melodramatic tear*

As soon as i picked her up the first words out of her breeders mouth was "this one's weird" Right she was. right she was... She's got spunk and i like her! (say that last part with the entusiasm of russel in "UP")
Puppy Parka

She is also melodramatic and constantly acts like I am trying to ruin her life.
Toto Monster
Too Hot
She was pussyfooting around acting like the chain was a venomous snake, and one wrong move would be her ultimate demise

Look at her little paws, acting like she is to dainty to be walking on a cold ground. paaa-leasee.

Whatever. She's spoiled, strange, and melodramatic. I love her =]