Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hairspray no more!

After 8 performances, 4 of which sold out, Hairspray is FINALLY OVER.
I loved the show, the people, the experience, but I am tired. Completely worn over.
It was the highest grossing show in OCP history, so yay. but now it is time for a break from it all.

I think that is really all i am going to say about that. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Ok... of course i am going to add commentary. I have never been one to keep comments to myself

Hairspray- Newspaper Clip
The fist newspaper clipping advertising Hairspray! I am in the green cardigan with my hand covering my face because i wasn't using my upstage hand like a good theatre person ought. But my director told me too because it wasn't about me anyway.

Hairspray Flower Arrangement
J Scotts Aflorist Made this floral arrangement for the show. J Scotts ALWAYS has AMAZING designs and I have yet to not see a stunning arrangement come out of that shop. I love how they added personal touches from the show. Like the hair and rollers around the flowers, the crab at the bottom (baltimore people) the can of ULTRA CLUTCH, the record, everything is just phenomenal. I could go on and on about how much i love J Scotts.

Backstage "Hairspray"
Take time to appreciate that hair. The volcano of wigs. I look like a who out of whoville

Backstage- Hairspray
I had cardigans and matching bows coming out of my...well you know-I don't need to get graphic. lets just say there were a lot. You know what else there was a lot of? CRINOLINE PETTICOATS. I say we bring those back, they make dresses just look better. I am starting the movement!

Wig switch! Opening night my director litterally handed this thing to me and said to wear it for the opening number of the second act. Cool. I have SO MUCH real hair it took a team to get this on with all hair conceled. I am pictured with the girl who plays Amber Vontussle.

Hairspray- Big Doll House
And here it is in action. Big Doll House. I was the beatnik chick. And i stood out like a sore thumb among all the pastel. bow chicka wow wow!

Hairspray- You Cant Stop the Beat
You Can't Stop The beat. I am allll the way to the left. My skirt looks fabulous. It's all about the crinoline, I'm telling you! I am all about crinoline petticoats right now.

Hairspray- Finale
Our Final Pose. The typical musical theater happy hands pose. =] This was taken during a rehersal which explains the lack of audience.

That's it!
Peace, Love, and Crinoline