Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cane Pole Fishing

This is what me and beau did yesterday

Cane Pole Fishing

The last time I used a Cane Pole was when I was in 5th grade at this outdoor wilderness camping thing my school forced us all to go to.

But apparently according to Beau's Uncle, Cane Pole Fishing is awesome for perch fishing?

IDK, I kinda suck at it. There doesn't seem to be too much to it though. I am just not still enough to watch a bob for if it moves correctly.

Look into the face of evil.

Put pretty simple all the same:
Cane Pole, String, Bob, Weight, Snap Swivel, Hook, Bait.

Oh and 105 degree weather.

We used glow-in the dark worms that we could still see under the water. Prettyy cool. I still feel bad every time Beau cuts up a poor little worm =[ (I wont touch it. So im a bad fisher-woman, sue me.)

We kept getting good strong hits, but I believe we were dealing with either a turtle or the smartest fish on earth, either way it was messing with us. Took bait from underneith so we couldn't set a hook into it.

I wont be updating at all this weekend because IT'S BEAU'S BIRTHDAY!!! :D On Sunday. So we are going to his mommas for the weekend.