Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The AWWWW post.

Baby animals are my favorite. If i had some magic potion to keep them cute and tiny forever, i would care for enough random animals to start a zoo. Promise.

That being said- the two breeds of baby animals I have interacted with lately

Who doesn't love puppies? They are so adorable, playful, and clumsy. I wish i could do what puppies (and all dogs) do. Just run and run and play until they just decide, "hey, i think imma sleep now." and they fall over and do exactly that! I am so sleepy, that's where that is coming from. Beau's Uncle's Jack Russel Terrier just had a litter of six, one passed but all the others are healthy and in homes except these two little ladies. One has a home, but the guy is coming to get her next week.

Force Feed
Obviously this is not a puppy, this is the momma dog. She is too hyper to take care of the pups like she should so she ends up dragging them around while feeding. Every once in a while you litterally have to sit her down and keep her there so they can get some milk. They are weening though, thank goodness.

Yum Time!
PUPPIES! Awwww. I want one so bad.

Oh and eventually I will actually use my camera for pictures instead of my crappy cell. but until that day, suck it up!

Now my favorite- The calf.
Oh this little calf. He thinks he's something special. Beau's Aunt is who has this one. He has a collar and just roams around. She lives at the intersection of "Deer Jump and You got a perty mouth" AKA the middle of no-where. So she isn't worried about it running off, because theres no where for it to go. When he's hungry (bottle fed, his momma died giving birth) he will come up and head butt you in the leg. It was slightly annoying because his little nubs of horns are there and just enough to hurt more than the average calf skull hitting your leg. Im going to go ahead and assume you don't know what that feels like though.


Up close and personal
He had an increasing curiousity with my phone. Hellooo baby calf

Right there
Spoiled Brat.

That's all for now
Love Always,