Friday, June 24, 2011

Gearing up for Vans Warped Tour 2011 HOUSTON

Going to Warped Tour 2011 in Houston, Texas tomorrow.
Going with my best guy friend Tyler and an old friend i haven't seen in ages, Travis.

There are so many good bands going, I can't even list them all.
so ^^^ there is the offical list

These are the things I personally need to remember.
1. Money
2. Large Water Bottle for standing outside of the gates.
3. Small backpack to carry mine and the boys crap in
4. Camera (please. If there is a God, please don't let my camera get broken)
5. Extra Change of Clothes for after.
6. Bandana
7. Wear Closed Toe shoes
8. Don't bother with much makeup
9. SUNSCREEN. (no repeats of the beach, please)
10. No dangly earrings, hair, clothing. NONE.
11. Don't bring good sunglasses. (chances are i wont have them at the end of the day)
12. Check the schedule, know where it is.
13. Leave smell good stuff in car for after
14. When there- watch the skys.

15. OLD CELL PHONES. cutting them linessss
Wish me luck!

Here's hoping I don't get punched in the face like last year. <3

Turning Point

I am at a point in my life that big decisions need to be made.
Or at least thought about more in-depth.

And i have come to the absolute conclusion that no matter what i do or say about any big decisions, I am going to piss someone off. In a big way.

And I know the logical thing to say is "screw them all do what makes you happy" but that is a lot easier said than done for me because i am too polite to make people mad on purpose (unless i really really want to. but i still feel bad after)

Like I would really like to post things on here or on fb, or say things to peoples face, but they would offend people in my life so much that its easier to just hold my tounge. I would really like to get my true thoughts and feelings out in the open about certain people in my life, and certain events, but its just not worth the hassle in the end.

So i am being torn in two opposite directions

1. Get everything into the open. Make decisions for me and only me without thinking of anyone else because it's not their life. Go insane because of the backlash that would come with it.
2. Keep everything in. Make decisions while taking everyone's thoughts and opinions close on my mind. Go insane because im not fully in control of my own life.

So either way- im going to go insane.

So which way is better? Only time would tell. Some things need to be done of course, Some things need to be said. But how do I go about it in such a way to not entirely piss of majorities in my life?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Smell Of Rain

absolutely delights my heart. =]

I sure am glad that we got a storm. Heaven knows we need it.

Near 2 feet under what we should have gotten this year.
Wildfires springing up everywhere
Crops failing completely,
Burn ban.
No fireworks for the 4th.

We need the rain.
And I sure do love it.

My only problem is that Toto is going besurk because the Thunder Monster is outside.

Other than that- Bliss.

My birthday weekend (the concise edition)


-Beaus mom got life-flighted to the hospital. Met her there at 1:45 am Friday morning

-Left Hospital at Noon,assured she was a-ok.

-Finished packing and last minute shopping. Loaded up car

-Drove to Galveston, tired as all get out, Beau fell asleep on the way.

-Ferry. Dolphin Palooza

-Got to Galveston, traffic sucks.

-Checked in at the Beachcomber Inn. Top floor. Stairs damn near vertical.

-Harnessed ourselves into a little metal cage. Got shot up 130 feet going 0-70 mph in 1.5 seconds. Freefell 100ft face first.

-Mini Golf. Kicked beaus butt. We cheated.

-Golden Corral for supper. Beau ate steak rare. he is nasty.

-Back to the hotel to rest briefly.

-Got Marble Slab. Mine was birthday cake(duh) with marshmellows, oreo bits and grahm crackers. sinful.

-Drove around the island

-Back to the hotel, crashed out for the night


-Momma Bear arrives at 8.

- Ihop for breakfast. They sang to me and gave me ice cream.

-Moody Gardens, Rainforest!

-Moody Gardens, Aquarium!

-Watched Seal and Penguin feedings


-Momma and Beau get into beforementioned bungee cage. Proud of momma

-Water Ride at the Rainforest Cafe

-Ate at the Rainforest Cafe for supper. VOLCANO and embarrased me for my birthday. I had to get up, put two cups in my mouth (very reminicent of a birthday at joes crab shack some 10 years ago) and flap my arms like a bird in front of the entire restraunt whilst they sang to me. Video later


- Beau and I walked the beach at dark

-Crash out for the night

Sunday Funday!

-Slept, Grumpy when forced up


- Beach



-Ferry/no dolphins.

-Hospital to see Beaus Mother and Godmother. And my papi. Who is looking a lot better =]


Now we are all (momma bear, me, beau) in excruciating pain from our sunburns. going 12-2 wasnt smart.

Beau has 2nd degree burns.

Buttt my birthday weekend was absolutely fabulous, better than i could have asked for. Filled with suprises, laughter, and new adventures =]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Mo

Mo the Crocodile! He (along with a large snake named Cornpuff) was brought to the Bridge City Public Library by Gator Country- stars of CMT's Gator911.

I fail to remember the man's name that did the presentation, but big props to him! He handled near 200 people with grace, humor and nerves of steel (what do else is to be expected from someone who works with alligators for a living!) on top of which he was AMAZING with all the kids. So good job Gator Country!

Sick Baby Buck


Beau's grandmother is bottle-feeding three baby deer including this one. He got sick and super dehydrated so she had to take him home and feed him round clock.

Baby Buck


Newborn Deer

Baby Deer


Baby Buck passed away later that night. <3 RIP baby buck =[

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The IV chronicles

Let me tell you something very fundamental about me.

I hate hospitals. With a fire-hot-burning-passion.

So being stuck in a bed in the ER from 9pm to near 2 in the morning wasn't exactly my idea of a phenomenal night.

My right side of my abdomen has been hurting for about a month or two now. The knife really slams in after I have eaten, and it has gotten horrific the last week. It has been so bad I often feel like saying my goodbyes to people here because I know that pain is the feeling of the devil about to drag me down. It is that intense.

Now I am assuming that if you have any medical prowess what so ever you are already on to what is going on in my oh so pain-filled body.

Anyway I am in tears and screaming like an exorcist was being performed on me. I was waiting for my head to spin around right on the spot.

Beau is witnessing this and forces me to go to the ER, calls Momma Bear who meets us there promptly.

There is a girl in the waiting room who is -for a lack of a better term- projectile vomiting. I just knew all this was leading up to the devil popping up in the waiting room, saying all my shenanigans were enough and I'm going with him as he chomps down on my side, it's all there right? Actually I do believe him chomping on my side would have felt better at that point.

Apparently the staff was worried about me because I went to the back almost as soon as I sat down, and as soon as i got back the tests and doctors started.

Now- What I hate more than hospitals is needles; sucks that they tend to go hand in hand.

Imagine my sheer joy when they told me i got to get an IV!
Kidding! it's me. I cried and had an anxiety attack.

They try on the underside of my forearm to get it but to my pleasure i found i have two horrible problems

- Venous Spasm. In layman's terms when a needle comes close to it, my veins get scared and hide. Wonderful. This is even made better when you know:
- My veins are unusually deep in my muscle.

After some fishing around the nurse sighed and i know what is about to come. She cant get it in that location.

So she takes it out. I am on the brink of passing out, I feel it creeping up.

Then she decides that my right elbow is the place to be.

On a side note- I hate turnakits.

She finally gets a light pink IV in my arm which then irritates me the rest of the night.
But that's not the best part! The IV wont draw any blood. Things go in as proved by the massive amounts of pain meds they shot up it, to my pleasure.

The unicorns were good to me after that. I was drifting in the stars among all things good.

Big Props to DAVE in lab over at the hospital in Orange Texas. He had to draw blood and made it not suck. Yay Dave! Me and the rainbows thank you.

All this floating, rainbows, unicorns, and stars comes to a SCREECHING halt.

*knock knock knock*
Mrs. M we need to have an ultrasound on you.

So i was crying in pain for the next fifteen minutes as a ultrasound wand was being jabbed into my side, putting enough pressure on it for a building to collapse, i feel. The poor tech. She asked "Is your side tender to the touch?" "Yes Extremely" "Oh bother, you are about to really not care for me"

She was correct, all that schooling of hers paid off for something!!

I get back to the room and am now in a state of delirious pain. It is a very unique feeling that I don't recommend to anyone. I am in so much pain, but cannot communicate effectively, i felt like everyone hated me, and everyone was mad at me, i got so frustrated and confused that i started crying. yes i am pathetic. I will openly admit to that.

The doctor comes in and says he believes i have.......the beginning stages of gallbladder disease. Oh my god. Like that wasn't the most obvious thing ever!

Here's the real kicker. Mrs. One Job Lori (a nail on the head from this article) was assigned to get me discharged. Including pulling my IV. She is the woman who will not be bothered with anything but her job. and her job was to discharge me right then and there. me-"can i have some pain medication for tonight because all the pain i originally came in with is back" one job Lori- "the doctor prescribed you fennigrin(sp)" and rips out the IV from my tender little arm.

FENNIGRIN is for nausea. When in the hell did I complain about nausea? NEVER. So I am in for many many more nights of terrific pain because I have nothing for it. But i do have something to keep my non-existant nausea at bay! So thank god for that.

Ugh. Then they offer a shot of pain meds after Beau goes and complains that they suck. a shot that should have gone through my IV. Thank you One Job Lori.

I got some vicadin i have from a wreck i was in a long time ago and popped one of those and went to sleep.

Heres to another painful night!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why I almost punched Beau in the Face.

My car has been REEKING for a solid week now. I spray it down with heavy-duty-obnoxiously-strong strawberry air freshener every single day but the smell still persists. It smells like death and bad decisions. And I can't quite put my finger on it. But it is something fierce.

Finally figured it out yesterday!

Gross Baby WOUNDED Shad

Beau left an opened package Gross Nasty WOUNDED BABY SHAD in his tackle bag. FOR A WEEK. Oh. My. God.

It still smells horrible, but we are recouping.

Lady will survive, Beau however may not.
Kidding. Kinda. Ok I am.

Looking forward to sweet smelling days on the horizon

Cane Pole Fishing

This is what me and beau did yesterday

Cane Pole Fishing

The last time I used a Cane Pole was when I was in 5th grade at this outdoor wilderness camping thing my school forced us all to go to.

But apparently according to Beau's Uncle, Cane Pole Fishing is awesome for perch fishing?

IDK, I kinda suck at it. There doesn't seem to be too much to it though. I am just not still enough to watch a bob for if it moves correctly.

Look into the face of evil.

Put pretty simple all the same:
Cane Pole, String, Bob, Weight, Snap Swivel, Hook, Bait.

Oh and 105 degree weather.

We used glow-in the dark worms that we could still see under the water. Prettyy cool. I still feel bad every time Beau cuts up a poor little worm =[ (I wont touch it. So im a bad fisher-woman, sue me.)

We kept getting good strong hits, but I believe we were dealing with either a turtle or the smartest fish on earth, either way it was messing with us. Took bait from underneith so we couldn't set a hook into it.

I wont be updating at all this weekend because IT'S BEAU'S BIRTHDAY!!! :D On Sunday. So we are going to his mommas for the weekend.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Toto

Curious pup

Hell froze over
(Hell must have frozen for her to be still AND looking at the camera. Lets go ice skating)

She is adorable, I know. She also is in desperate need of a groomer.

Just relaxing
Just chillin in the 95 degree big deal.

Toto is the type of dog that's nice to come home to. Tail a'waggin she greets you at the door and follows you wherever you may go, eagerly sniffing at tossed off shoes, attempting to decode what brave, marvelous adventures you've been on. (Dogs always think you are a hero) She hops on the couch wanting to be loved on.

This lasts about five point five minutes and then she ignores you entirely. You become a part of the couch to her. Unless that is, Unless you touch one of her toys. I swear if you touch one of her favorites she will come galloping from wherever she is, usually
-her chair
-her cave, or
-her sunny spot by the window.

That being said, she is also a spoiled brat.

--She has so many toys that we can rotate them. When she gets tired of some we put them up and pull her old ones out of hiding and she is like a kid on christmas thinking she just got all new toys! Except for like 4 that she will get visibly upset if she can't find and frantically searches the entire house. Then she goes to her only coping mechanism after trying to solve this problem. Crying. Until we go find them for her.--

Where's my ball?
looking for her ball

-She has several balls in different color. She picks a new one every day and wont play with any of the others. Today's was red. -

A puppy's love

She is a little rebel. Toto knows her commands and she openly defys them. She acknowleges that she hears you then ignores what you say. Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn! If she doesn't feel like doing something it's NOT getting done.

For example: I will say "Toto,come!". She will prance into the room, look at in my eyes, throw back her tiny little head and WALK AWAY!!

OOOOO she makes me so mad sometimes! But I love her. She is a goof. When I was choosing her from the litter, I bonded with her immediately, we even share the same birthday *melodramatic tear*

As soon as i picked her up the first words out of her breeders mouth was "this one's weird" Right she was. right she was... She's got spunk and i like her! (say that last part with the entusiasm of russel in "UP")
Puppy Parka

She is also melodramatic and constantly acts like I am trying to ruin her life.
Toto Monster
Too Hot
She was pussyfooting around acting like the chain was a venomous snake, and one wrong move would be her ultimate demise

Look at her little paws, acting like she is to dainty to be walking on a cold ground. paaa-leasee.

Whatever. She's spoiled, strange, and melodramatic. I love her =]

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Days

MMMM so I have posted a lot today trying to catch up, and there may be a few more (just being honest!)

But what have I been up to that has kept me from posting all this as it happens?
Here is something essential about me---

I enjoy my life wayy to much to spend all of it on a computer.

I have never been the type yearning for the weekend because I make it a point to enjoy every day, all day. Life is too short to be bored. Even sitting around a house I amuse myself. I keep busy!
And yes, I have it enabled to post from my phone, but I haven't quite figured that out yet, ill probably test it later.

But what have I been filling my days with?

Summer Day

-Porch Swings
-Friends and family
-Catfish fish fry
-Blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream
-Becoming a beast at washers (ok not so much, but i try)
-Dr. Pepper
-Sweet Tea
-Clumsily Dancing with beau to Country Music
-Picking blackberries
Picking Blackberries
Pick of the Day
-Watching movies
-Being silly
-Hospital visits
-Late night conversations (the best happen at this time, i HATE small talk)
-Swimming (lakes and pools)
-Getting over fears (swimming where i cant see bottom, etc)
-Both tears and laughter

And it is a pretty amazing life. With all the ups and downs alike, I love it.

The downfall to summer?
Nothing Important Here

But other than that, we're good.

Oh those country summer days

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Small but very exciting news!

Me and Beau recently purchased a small cherry tomato plant, and it finally yielded it's first fruit!

The FIRST tomato!

I feel like a proud momma. =]
I can grow something!

Hairspray no more!

After 8 performances, 4 of which sold out, Hairspray is FINALLY OVER.
I loved the show, the people, the experience, but I am tired. Completely worn over.
It was the highest grossing show in OCP history, so yay. but now it is time for a break from it all.

I think that is really all i am going to say about that. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Ok... of course i am going to add commentary. I have never been one to keep comments to myself

Hairspray- Newspaper Clip
The fist newspaper clipping advertising Hairspray! I am in the green cardigan with my hand covering my face because i wasn't using my upstage hand like a good theatre person ought. But my director told me too because it wasn't about me anyway.

Hairspray Flower Arrangement
J Scotts Aflorist Made this floral arrangement for the show. J Scotts ALWAYS has AMAZING designs and I have yet to not see a stunning arrangement come out of that shop. I love how they added personal touches from the show. Like the hair and rollers around the flowers, the crab at the bottom (baltimore people) the can of ULTRA CLUTCH, the record, everything is just phenomenal. I could go on and on about how much i love J Scotts.

Backstage "Hairspray"
Take time to appreciate that hair. The volcano of wigs. I look like a who out of whoville

Backstage- Hairspray
I had cardigans and matching bows coming out of my...well you know-I don't need to get graphic. lets just say there were a lot. You know what else there was a lot of? CRINOLINE PETTICOATS. I say we bring those back, they make dresses just look better. I am starting the movement!

Wig switch! Opening night my director litterally handed this thing to me and said to wear it for the opening number of the second act. Cool. I have SO MUCH real hair it took a team to get this on with all hair conceled. I am pictured with the girl who plays Amber Vontussle.

Hairspray- Big Doll House
And here it is in action. Big Doll House. I was the beatnik chick. And i stood out like a sore thumb among all the pastel. bow chicka wow wow!

Hairspray- You Cant Stop the Beat
You Can't Stop The beat. I am allll the way to the left. My skirt looks fabulous. It's all about the crinoline, I'm telling you! I am all about crinoline petticoats right now.

Hairspray- Finale
Our Final Pose. The typical musical theater happy hands pose. =] This was taken during a rehersal which explains the lack of audience.

That's it!
Peace, Love, and Crinoline

The AWWWW post.

Baby animals are my favorite. If i had some magic potion to keep them cute and tiny forever, i would care for enough random animals to start a zoo. Promise.

That being said- the two breeds of baby animals I have interacted with lately

Who doesn't love puppies? They are so adorable, playful, and clumsy. I wish i could do what puppies (and all dogs) do. Just run and run and play until they just decide, "hey, i think imma sleep now." and they fall over and do exactly that! I am so sleepy, that's where that is coming from. Beau's Uncle's Jack Russel Terrier just had a litter of six, one passed but all the others are healthy and in homes except these two little ladies. One has a home, but the guy is coming to get her next week.

Force Feed
Obviously this is not a puppy, this is the momma dog. She is too hyper to take care of the pups like she should so she ends up dragging them around while feeding. Every once in a while you litterally have to sit her down and keep her there so they can get some milk. They are weening though, thank goodness.

Yum Time!
PUPPIES! Awwww. I want one so bad.

Oh and eventually I will actually use my camera for pictures instead of my crappy cell. but until that day, suck it up!

Now my favorite- The calf.
Oh this little calf. He thinks he's something special. Beau's Aunt is who has this one. He has a collar and just roams around. She lives at the intersection of "Deer Jump and You got a perty mouth" AKA the middle of no-where. So she isn't worried about it running off, because theres no where for it to go. When he's hungry (bottle fed, his momma died giving birth) he will come up and head butt you in the leg. It was slightly annoying because his little nubs of horns are there and just enough to hurt more than the average calf skull hitting your leg. Im going to go ahead and assume you don't know what that feels like though.


Up close and personal
He had an increasing curiousity with my phone. Hellooo baby calf

Right there
Spoiled Brat.

That's all for now
Love Always,

Test Dummy

I was the Test Dummy for my cousin, Kat as she is trying to start her photography business. If the ancient belief of a photograph stealing your soul holds true, i have none left. Sooo many pictures taken. These are the ones she posted, they came out amazing!

This last one wasn't from the test shoot, but it's a random one she took of me at a show. =]

What Is Love?

I have been thinking on this question a lot lately. A LOT.

And the only answer I can come up with- There is no answer.

Romantic Love is something different to everone. Every single person has their own unique perception of what that four letter word means and entails, and all have something different that works for them. And if it works for them- who am I to judge their love? Who am I to say its not right? If it is two consentual adults doing what works for them- good. I am happy for them, sincerely. Love is a gift and I will no longer forget that.

Lets take My grandparents for example-
They are fond of each other. I have never seen them be "in love" and do cute romantic things outwardly, hell they even sleep in different rooms. But I have come to realize that after 50 years they have grown out of the feeling of love and grown into the companionship love- which is the natural course for relationships to take, and it is only in companionship love that relationships can thrive long-term. But thinking on it, they are incredibly sweet to eachother but not in the ways i think of as 'romantic'.

My grandma indulges and humors my grandpa in his quirks, even though I know it drives her batty sometimes. Like how he turns off the A/C mid-day in cooler months and opens the blinds and curtains to allow the sun to heat the house- effective but slow. I have vivid memories of when I was young at their house laying in the den in the sunlight because it just felt good. She moved her entire life to our little sleepy town to be with him when she was young and he got transferred. (I know many couples who would break up over things like that these days), She raised a family of 5 with him, She supports his hobbies (photography, geneology)

Like-wise he let her "tiny cabin in the woods in West Virginia" turn into her summer dream home without complaint and doesnt harass too much even when it takes her a year and a half of buying and returning to pick a comforter for the guest room much less the 5 years it took to finish the aformentioned summer home, bakes her fresh bread every Sunday, and keeps the yard tidy so all she has to worry about is her garden.

Its the little things one can do for another to keep a relationship going strong. Picking your battles, and humoring whims even if you dont see the point. So their relationship is different from mine. GOOD. It works for them obviously. 50 years is a LONG time. Expecially to wake up and deal with the same person It takes such an amount of HARD WORK to keep that going. With the divorce rate at nearly half these days, it makes me so proud to know that they worked out their problems and stuck to their wedding vows for 50 entire years. Grandma got married to Papi at 18. Her entire life has been spent with him. That is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Papi is in the hospital right now. He had a heart attack and had a triple bypass. Grandma has been by his side every day. Let me tell you- hospitals are NO fun. But she goes every day. Even if he's not awake, can't talk because of a ventilator, or is just plain cranky because he hates being there (and who can blame him!) she goes every day. She even feels guilty when she goes out and has a bit of fun (she came to see Hairspray for me) when he is stuck in that bed. That is love.

And I hope one day I will be with someone Fifty years strong.
Love is a gift. Love is something special
True Love

It's been a while

So expect a mess of posts coming up in the next few hours. Lots to update on =] Little things, but things that just don't belong together in one post. Happy Days