Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Memoriam

Today is 5.12.11

One year to the day since my Uncle left this world.
My Uncle Matt was and forever more will be an amazing man, he acted as a father figure in my young life. I always will remember all the memories i have with him. He picked me up for school, took me out on his boat and taught me how to fish, taught me how to drive a four-wheelers, and would drop everything to come help me when my stupid old truck broke down.

I miss him so much.
I do not understand why he left the world how he did, such an unexpected death from such a seemingly happy man. It scares me to think that he was capable of what he did to himself. It upsets me and shakes me to my core.

But I am trying to keep my head up and remember the good he did for me, for everyone, he was such a kind-hearted person. Trying to remember that as opposed to remembering how he left us.

This post does no justice to him. Or to how I feel. But I miss him, and i am too upset to think straight entirely