Monday, April 11, 2011

Transmissions, Tires, and Other Things I Know Nothing About.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my car lately. Not just minor get your oil checked air up your tire problems (Although I have had to do both in the last month)But im talking pretty big things that leave my poor pocketbook crying in a corner.

Speak about cars around me and I promise if you were speaking Chinese I wouldn't know the difference. So this morning when I hear Transmission (aparently this is bad if it goes out?), Crank Shaft (????), Cables, Sparkplugs, and a slew of other mixed together parts and pieces of metal; I am completely lost.

But one thing I do understand- and thats Tow Truck. And currently that is what is going to pick up my little Lady from the side of the road. It's not even like Lady is that old, she is a 2003 Honda Civic LX. A beautiful little cherry red car that has been taken care of her entire life. So why all these problems! Why car gods, why!!!!

I was driving down Old Hwy 87 and went over a railroad track, just as is done every day. But this morning I lost control of little Lady and swerved all over the road, missing a School Bus, 18 Wheelers, and a miriad of cars and trucks. I have no eartly clue if i avoided them, or they avoided me. But they were avoided.

Bleh. So I somehow got her to the shoulder and she would not slow down! And I would barely tap on the breaks (I do know if your out of control and slam on the breaks it makes it worse) But the breaks had no effect. It finally got slowed down enough where i could stop the car and throw it into park and flip on the hazards.

And then I did what any logical, rational person would do in my situation.... I freaked the hell out. I have an INSANE phobia of wrecks after a horrible one almost 3years ago (i wasn't driving) So im sitting there almost in hysteria when something in my brain clicks and I get myself together. I exit the vehicle and, thinking i blew a tire, do a ring-around-the-lady. No tire problems. Which is nice since just last week i had to replace a tire, which was completely horrible. So i calm down and decide to keep on truckin. But SHE WONT MOVE. not forward, backward, slantwards, nothing. Bleh! After calling my grandparents to rescue me, things are finally getting worked out. Lady is on her way to a shop to find out what went wrong. bah.

I get to my grandparents house and Grandma puts me to work! She has me go get her work truck inspected. I think shes kidding, but Grandma never kids. Now she has an inspected work truck.

Going to check on Lady at the shop! She just arrived!
Keep on truckin