Monday, April 11, 2011

Spaghetti Dogs. An Adventure.

I have this terrifically strange fascination with "in one" meals. Like this little beauty found at PlumPudding

First off- It looks disgusting. The visual alone made me cringe. Like little worms coming out of the hotdog. But all the same i want to try it.

Picture from PlumPudding's Page

The kitchen heavens were smiling upon me. I had both ingredients in my pantry//fridge.

1. Spaghetti (I used Skinners Thin Spaghetti)
2. Hotdogs. (Used Bryan Juicy Jumbos)

Simple, no? You also need patience, because this is incredibly repetitive. The end result is worth it.

The procedure is also really simple.

1. Cut up hotdogs into little rounds.
2. Push pasta through hotdog
3. Boil Water
{Do you know how hard it is to boil H20 on a gas stove with the AC running?!?!?!?)
4. Add SpagDog.

5. Cook SpagDog to your liking of Spaghetti.
6. Drain and Enjoy!

You can add sauce of course, I used Hunts Four Cheese. It was absolutely delicious!

Definately worth trying ((if you can get over the visual of course))