Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Get Kicked Out of a Museum. (or come close)

Specifically, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas.

1. Drive two hours to Houston, Texas with family
2. Pick up map to the museum which clearly states "Photography is allowed, but flash photography is prohibited"
3. Enter Limited-Time exhibit of "Impressionists and Post-Impressionist Paintings"
4. Walk up to one of the two painters collections that you recognize by name (Monet and Vangough)
5. Walk up to specific painting "Sainte-Adresse, Fishing Boats on the Shore"
6. Whip out Cell Phone
7. Take Picture with NO FLASH (my phone is incapable anyway.)
8. Be Immediately confronted by crypt-keeper-esq security guard
9. Argue that the Museums map says I am allowed to do the previously mentioned act
10. Go back in forth with crypt keeper for a bit, both getting flustered
11. Agree that I can keep said photo, but cannot take anymore or else i will be thrown out of the museum.

Sainte-Adresse, Fishing Boats on the Shore
This is said picture. Not even fight worthy, and it really should have been a non-issue since I did not use flash. Ridiculous!