Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dance that Will Kill Me.

Specifically, This dance: Oh. Hot. Messes.

Okay thats not a dance thats a song. But the dance TO that song is going to kill me. We are learning it at my community theatre because we are infact doing the musical "Hairspray" which opens in *gulp*....a month. almost exactly.

I am not a tiny girl by any standard. Okay maybe by some standard but not a typical standard. Don't get me wrong, I am not the biggest person ever, and I can definately fit in a single airplane seat, but i'm not tiny either. Anyway. This dance is kicking my -you-know-what- from one side of the stage to the other. My feet just are not meant to work that fast! If you are familiar with the song, or if you just listened to it (if not, do it now, i will wait......) you know it's fast. Dancing to it is ridiculous! My feet and hips will not coordinate to do a single dance move in unison and its just a hot mess. A hot steamy mess.

So what do I do? I smile and act like I know what I am doing. And it seems to be working for me.

Theatre tip: Act like you know what you are doing, and most people will believe you.

Right now though my back is killing me, I am sore from head to the tip of my little toe, and after twisting my ankle strangely; it's screaming at me to stay off of it. This dance will be the death of me.

Sooo..My plans for the rest of the night:

1. Hobble to the ladies room
2. Run a magically delicious bubble bath
3. Light a vanilla candle (mmmm!)
4. Slip into heaven with the latest cosmo.

After that i will flip on the AC to cold, snuggle up with the electic blanket, Toto if she will let me, and Trouble; the teddy bear. Don't judge me.

Off to lala land!