Monday, April 18, 2011

Crawfish Festival

Festival of ze nommy nommy crawfeeshh

Also known as Diet? What diet?

Beau And I went to this delicious delicious wonderful never-ending-parade of crawfish goodness. I whole-heartedly feel bad for anyone without crawfish in their life.

Happy Couple
Me and Beau. =] We are a pretty fantastic couple

Best. Menu. Ever.
So pretty much, this is the best menu of all time, ever. For those of you who havent been raised cajun here is a translation
1. Pistolette: A delicious roll with crawfish etouffee inside
2. Crawfish etouffee: Cajun dish similar to gumbo with crawfish tails. amazing.
3. Boudain Balls: Boudain is a pork rice dressing rolled up in a ball and fried.
4. Gator Wings: Never tried, but they are little alligator legs. fried. Alligator is super good, but i cant get over the fact its the whole leg fried. I heard it was good though

Beau opted out of cajun for his first course, (yes i said first. the crawfish festival is meant to be a pig at, no judging) He got a turkey leg instead. Two actually because they reduced when on the grill so the guy gave him two. Southern hospitality, no?

Crawfish etouffee
Crawfish Etouffee. The Etoufee I got from this place was by far the best I ever had. It was really hot, so excuse my face, i just burnt the roof of my mouth, worth it though.

We didn't just eat there though!
They also had other fair-type things. Like a pony ride. This one was on break. Horses don't like me, never have. There is a picture I took with a pony, this pony actually. We both look equally disturbed. Beau looks better with the pony, it liked him. And yes, Beau is incredibly handsome.

We have this running joke that I want a mini horse as a pet. He said we could settle on a pony! Getting closer to my dream, YESSSSSS

Back to food!
Cotton Candy
We decided to only get one sugar thing, and I told him to get a caramel apple, since he has an obsession with caramel. Like seriously, if caramel was a person, id be dropped in a heart beat. I don't like caramel so much. But he came back with cotton candy instead because he knew i'd like it. d'aww. Then he proceeded to stuff it in my face every chance he got. Meh you win some you lose some =] There is also a SUPER attractive one of him shoving a fist full of cotton candy in my mouth, but i didn't want to scare small children with my face contortions. Im thinking of the kids.

THIS! is my vision of heaven. Beau and a Pistolette. Life seriously can get no better.

Pucker up Butter Cup
Beau going mad from being in the sun too long. Poor thing.

Beau won me this adorable little man! Clifford is his name, but I think he has a bit until he grows into it.

So that's it! So until Crawfish Festival 2012, here's to happy healthy food!
If someone finds me a healthy crawfish etouffee, i will pay you.
Until then though,

Peace, Love, and Shellfish
- Nikki