Monday, April 25, 2011


So there is this Bacon-palooza going on at Denny's with the crowning member of it's court being the Maple Bacon Sundae. This sounds.. disgusting. But of course...Beau tried it.

I tell you what- I almost gagged when this beast was brought to our table. The waitress even grimaced at the sight.

I get a pretty little Hot Fudge Sundae with Oreo on top, and Beau gets this. ew.

It comprises of layers of
- Vanilla Ice Cream
- Maple Syrup
- Hickory smoked bacon

Beau after taking his first bite
The Maple Bacon Sundae
Look at that face! It looks like he just tasted god and is singing praises in accordance with the angels in heaven!!!!!! I am gagging.

Om Nom Nom.
The Maple Bacon Sundae

I apologize for the picture quality. Poor lighting + Cell phone camera. lalala.

Anyway. He gets to the bottom where it is just a straight shot of maple syrup, and HE DOWNS IT. EW. Like seriously- EW

ANDDD He paid for it later. mwahahaha. I think he has an aversion to Maple Syrup now.

When asked how he liked it he responded "I think its great i just wont get it with the syrup again"