Friday, April 15, 2011

Babysitting Baby Beaver

Yes. That is a baby beaver. PLEASE look at it and not say "AWWWWWW". I dare you. Triple dog dare you. Whats that? You can't? It's too darn cute? Right you are.

Its an adorable little thing.
And he follows wherever you go. Until you get too far ahead where his little baby beaver legs can't keep up the pace; then he crys until me being the sap I am went and picked him up. Or until I stopped and he crawled on my foot to rest. SO STINKIN CUTE.

He wouldnt go swimming though. Isn't that what beavers do? We would put him in the pond, he would roll, then come out, kinda pissy-like. Rinse and Repeat. So we decided to just walk, baby beaver in-tow, not far behind. Let me tell you- he is fast, if he wants to be. I would have to run when he chased me. (Playing tag with baby beaver. aw!) When picked up he would grab onto the tip of my index finger.

Me and my Beau watched over him for about an hour. He is the most precious little thing in the world! I could just snuggle with him for hours.

Oh yeah how they got him- Someone clearing a canal knocked the dam over, couldn't find a mom but found two babies. Brought them to Beau's relative, where they now reside. One passed away =[ so now it's just baby beaver. He will run up to any human, so I don't know if they will be able to ever release him =/ On one hand thats bad because beavers should be wild, but on the other hand,pet baby beaver. Im torn. hmm.