Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Get Kicked Out of a Museum. (or come close)

Specifically, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas.

1. Drive two hours to Houston, Texas with family
2. Pick up map to the museum which clearly states "Photography is allowed, but flash photography is prohibited"
3. Enter Limited-Time exhibit of "Impressionists and Post-Impressionist Paintings"
4. Walk up to one of the two painters collections that you recognize by name (Monet and Vangough)
5. Walk up to specific painting "Sainte-Adresse, Fishing Boats on the Shore"
6. Whip out Cell Phone
7. Take Picture with NO FLASH (my phone is incapable anyway.)
8. Be Immediately confronted by crypt-keeper-esq security guard
9. Argue that the Museums map says I am allowed to do the previously mentioned act
10. Go back in forth with crypt keeper for a bit, both getting flustered
11. Agree that I can keep said photo, but cannot take anymore or else i will be thrown out of the museum.

Sainte-Adresse, Fishing Boats on the Shore
This is said picture. Not even fight worthy, and it really should have been a non-issue since I did not use flash. Ridiculous!

Monday, April 25, 2011


So there is this Bacon-palooza going on at Denny's with the crowning member of it's court being the Maple Bacon Sundae. This sounds.. disgusting. But of course...Beau tried it.

I tell you what- I almost gagged when this beast was brought to our table. The waitress even grimaced at the sight.

I get a pretty little Hot Fudge Sundae with Oreo on top, and Beau gets this. ew.

It comprises of layers of
- Vanilla Ice Cream
- Maple Syrup
- Hickory smoked bacon

Beau after taking his first bite
The Maple Bacon Sundae
Look at that face! It looks like he just tasted god and is singing praises in accordance with the angels in heaven!!!!!! I am gagging.

Om Nom Nom.
The Maple Bacon Sundae

I apologize for the picture quality. Poor lighting + Cell phone camera. lalala.

Anyway. He gets to the bottom where it is just a straight shot of maple syrup, and HE DOWNS IT. EW. Like seriously- EW

ANDDD He paid for it later. mwahahaha. I think he has an aversion to Maple Syrup now.

When asked how he liked it he responded "I think its great i just wont get it with the syrup again"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crawfish Festival

Festival of ze nommy nommy crawfeeshh

Also known as Diet? What diet?

Beau And I went to this delicious delicious wonderful never-ending-parade of crawfish goodness. I whole-heartedly feel bad for anyone without crawfish in their life.

Happy Couple
Me and Beau. =] We are a pretty fantastic couple

Best. Menu. Ever.
So pretty much, this is the best menu of all time, ever. For those of you who havent been raised cajun here is a translation
1. Pistolette: A delicious roll with crawfish etouffee inside
2. Crawfish etouffee: Cajun dish similar to gumbo with crawfish tails. amazing.
3. Boudain Balls: Boudain is a pork rice dressing rolled up in a ball and fried.
4. Gator Wings: Never tried, but they are little alligator legs. fried. Alligator is super good, but i cant get over the fact its the whole leg fried. I heard it was good though

Beau opted out of cajun for his first course, (yes i said first. the crawfish festival is meant to be a pig at, no judging) He got a turkey leg instead. Two actually because they reduced when on the grill so the guy gave him two. Southern hospitality, no?

Crawfish etouffee
Crawfish Etouffee. The Etoufee I got from this place was by far the best I ever had. It was really hot, so excuse my face, i just burnt the roof of my mouth, worth it though.

We didn't just eat there though!
They also had other fair-type things. Like a pony ride. This one was on break. Horses don't like me, never have. There is a picture I took with a pony, this pony actually. We both look equally disturbed. Beau looks better with the pony, it liked him. And yes, Beau is incredibly handsome.

We have this running joke that I want a mini horse as a pet. He said we could settle on a pony! Getting closer to my dream, YESSSSSS

Back to food!
Cotton Candy
We decided to only get one sugar thing, and I told him to get a caramel apple, since he has an obsession with caramel. Like seriously, if caramel was a person, id be dropped in a heart beat. I don't like caramel so much. But he came back with cotton candy instead because he knew i'd like it. d'aww. Then he proceeded to stuff it in my face every chance he got. Meh you win some you lose some =] There is also a SUPER attractive one of him shoving a fist full of cotton candy in my mouth, but i didn't want to scare small children with my face contortions. Im thinking of the kids.

THIS! is my vision of heaven. Beau and a Pistolette. Life seriously can get no better.

Pucker up Butter Cup
Beau going mad from being in the sun too long. Poor thing.

Beau won me this adorable little man! Clifford is his name, but I think he has a bit until he grows into it.

So that's it! So until Crawfish Festival 2012, here's to happy healthy food!
If someone finds me a healthy crawfish etouffee, i will pay you.
Until then though,

Peace, Love, and Shellfish
- Nikki

Friday, April 15, 2011

Babysitting Baby Beaver

Yes. That is a baby beaver. PLEASE look at it and not say "AWWWWWW". I dare you. Triple dog dare you. Whats that? You can't? It's too darn cute? Right you are.

Its an adorable little thing.
And he follows wherever you go. Until you get too far ahead where his little baby beaver legs can't keep up the pace; then he crys until me being the sap I am went and picked him up. Or until I stopped and he crawled on my foot to rest. SO STINKIN CUTE.

He wouldnt go swimming though. Isn't that what beavers do? We would put him in the pond, he would roll, then come out, kinda pissy-like. Rinse and Repeat. So we decided to just walk, baby beaver in-tow, not far behind. Let me tell you- he is fast, if he wants to be. I would have to run when he chased me. (Playing tag with baby beaver. aw!) When picked up he would grab onto the tip of my index finger.

Me and my Beau watched over him for about an hour. He is the most precious little thing in the world! I could just snuggle with him for hours.

Oh yeah how they got him- Someone clearing a canal knocked the dam over, couldn't find a mom but found two babies. Brought them to Beau's relative, where they now reside. One passed away =[ so now it's just baby beaver. He will run up to any human, so I don't know if they will be able to ever release him =/ On one hand thats bad because beavers should be wild, but on the other hand,pet baby beaver. Im torn. hmm.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dance that Will Kill Me.

Specifically, This dance: Oh. Hot. Messes.

Okay thats not a dance thats a song. But the dance TO that song is going to kill me. We are learning it at my community theatre because we are infact doing the musical "Hairspray" which opens in *gulp*....a month. almost exactly.

I am not a tiny girl by any standard. Okay maybe by some standard but not a typical standard. Don't get me wrong, I am not the biggest person ever, and I can definately fit in a single airplane seat, but i'm not tiny either. Anyway. This dance is kicking my -you-know-what- from one side of the stage to the other. My feet just are not meant to work that fast! If you are familiar with the song, or if you just listened to it (if not, do it now, i will wait......) you know it's fast. Dancing to it is ridiculous! My feet and hips will not coordinate to do a single dance move in unison and its just a hot mess. A hot steamy mess.

So what do I do? I smile and act like I know what I am doing. And it seems to be working for me.

Theatre tip: Act like you know what you are doing, and most people will believe you.

Right now though my back is killing me, I am sore from head to the tip of my little toe, and after twisting my ankle strangely; it's screaming at me to stay off of it. This dance will be the death of me.

Sooo..My plans for the rest of the night:

1. Hobble to the ladies room
2. Run a magically delicious bubble bath
3. Light a vanilla candle (mmmm!)
4. Slip into heaven with the latest cosmo.

After that i will flip on the AC to cold, snuggle up with the electic blanket, Toto if she will let me, and Trouble; the teddy bear. Don't judge me.

Off to lala land!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spaghetti Dogs. An Adventure.

I have this terrifically strange fascination with "in one" meals. Like this little beauty found at PlumPudding

First off- It looks disgusting. The visual alone made me cringe. Like little worms coming out of the hotdog. But all the same i want to try it.

Picture from PlumPudding's Page

The kitchen heavens were smiling upon me. I had both ingredients in my pantry//fridge.

1. Spaghetti (I used Skinners Thin Spaghetti)
2. Hotdogs. (Used Bryan Juicy Jumbos)

Simple, no? You also need patience, because this is incredibly repetitive. The end result is worth it.

The procedure is also really simple.

1. Cut up hotdogs into little rounds.
2. Push pasta through hotdog
3. Boil Water
{Do you know how hard it is to boil H20 on a gas stove with the AC running?!?!?!?)
4. Add SpagDog.

5. Cook SpagDog to your liking of Spaghetti.
6. Drain and Enjoy!

You can add sauce of course, I used Hunts Four Cheese. It was absolutely delicious!

Definately worth trying ((if you can get over the visual of course))

Transmissions, Tires, and Other Things I Know Nothing About.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my car lately. Not just minor get your oil checked air up your tire problems (Although I have had to do both in the last month)But im talking pretty big things that leave my poor pocketbook crying in a corner.

Speak about cars around me and I promise if you were speaking Chinese I wouldn't know the difference. So this morning when I hear Transmission (aparently this is bad if it goes out?), Crank Shaft (????), Cables, Sparkplugs, and a slew of other mixed together parts and pieces of metal; I am completely lost.

But one thing I do understand- and thats Tow Truck. And currently that is what is going to pick up my little Lady from the side of the road. It's not even like Lady is that old, she is a 2003 Honda Civic LX. A beautiful little cherry red car that has been taken care of her entire life. So why all these problems! Why car gods, why!!!!

I was driving down Old Hwy 87 and went over a railroad track, just as is done every day. But this morning I lost control of little Lady and swerved all over the road, missing a School Bus, 18 Wheelers, and a miriad of cars and trucks. I have no eartly clue if i avoided them, or they avoided me. But they were avoided.

Bleh. So I somehow got her to the shoulder and she would not slow down! And I would barely tap on the breaks (I do know if your out of control and slam on the breaks it makes it worse) But the breaks had no effect. It finally got slowed down enough where i could stop the car and throw it into park and flip on the hazards.

And then I did what any logical, rational person would do in my situation.... I freaked the hell out. I have an INSANE phobia of wrecks after a horrible one almost 3years ago (i wasn't driving) So im sitting there almost in hysteria when something in my brain clicks and I get myself together. I exit the vehicle and, thinking i blew a tire, do a ring-around-the-lady. No tire problems. Which is nice since just last week i had to replace a tire, which was completely horrible. So i calm down and decide to keep on truckin. But SHE WONT MOVE. not forward, backward, slantwards, nothing. Bleh! After calling my grandparents to rescue me, things are finally getting worked out. Lady is on her way to a shop to find out what went wrong. bah.

I get to my grandparents house and Grandma puts me to work! She has me go get her work truck inspected. I think shes kidding, but Grandma never kids. Now she has an inspected work truck.

Going to check on Lady at the shop! She just arrived!
Keep on truckin


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summertime, and the living is easy

It is much too beautiful a day to not go out and do something!

But what? I need to get outside as much as possible before the summer heat of little ol Southeast Texas sets in. Then I can not go outside without sweating like a hooker in church! I miraculously find in the summer that I can drive with two fingers. One if i'm feeling daring.

I think I am going to just sit outside on a big blanket, sweet tea in hand, and play ball with my puppy. I say puppy but she's three. Toto is her name-o. She is such a strange dog. To explain her is a post in itself.

Time to get some sun!
-Pale girl.


I'm not very good at introductions,
But i do guess there are a few things people should know.
- I'm Nikki -I am very scatterbrained, stay with me., and i often ramble.
-I am always doing a thousand things at once
-I'm a southern girl. Do not confuse southern with redneck. They are NOT exchangable. not that theres anything wrong with being a redneck, just not who i am.
-There's a very odd cast of characters in my life
- I am getting a degree in Sociology. So i'm a bit strange.
- Give me sweet tea give me happiness.