Saturday, November 12, 2011

Begging for forgiveness.

I have been a terrible blogger. Forgive me.

I won't go in to the laundry list of excuses, but I am trying to get back on the ball.

As my first effort, I will leave you with this. I made it today. Don't leave me alone with fabric and a needle.

Haters gonna Hate

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I posted this on twitter, but I am so in awe of what hypocrites these protesters are.

Where do you think Wall Street gets it's money?
From those very people that are protesting.

They are all consumers. Big time from the looks of all their iphones and ipads and brand name clothes &
do not even get me started on all the celebrities jumping on the band-wagon of this movement.
Are they serious with that?

You are going to protest about greed and putting money back into the 'main stream'
Stop buying big-business products.
The celebrities that are there- seriously, get on with that Kanye West. You can't say shit about greed.

It baffles me that these people are doing this. And now they are protesting homes? That is only going to make matters worse. 

What are they honestly trying to accomplish? An equalization of power? They wouldn't really like that. Too much responsibility. The top 50% already pays 96% of the taxes, and I'm confident they aren't willing to carry that burden. Cut spending? WHERE. Our deficit is up so much you would literally have to cut damn-near every.single. social program and the military to balance the budget.

What is the solution?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes you find it.

This was on today's Post Secret.
Class is starting so I don't have time to post in length, but I like this very much.
And I agree whole-heartily

Friday, October 7, 2011

Large Black and moos.

Cows. Moo. I feel like I have been writing a lot about them lately, or thinking about writing a lot about them lately, but I seriously could not resist letting the world have access to the knowledge that THIS SHIT HAPPENS.

Beau and me took a wrong turn the other night in a small hick-town that TLC won't even come to film things in because of a)how small it is b)it's history with racism. Points if you know what town Im talking about. Points and a cookie. A BATCH OF COOKIES.

Either way we almost slam into a herd of cows in the middle of the road. Large. Large Cows. Large Black Cows. Large Black Cows that were everywhere. All over this guys front lawn, his ditch, meandering into the road. LARGE COWS MOOING EVERYWHERE. 

Beau being a rancher at heart (He has never lived on a ranch, but the boy can dream) Stopped to ask the lone man standing in the midst of this if he needed help getting them all back in their pen. There are like 50 of them.

NOPE. This guy with all seriousness is like "Oh they're like my dogs. I just let them out to run around and graze" Me and beau fall into a fit of hysterical laughter, the man didn't get it.

Beau asked to pet one. The man said yes. I said no.

Reading about it doesn't do it justice.

But as we left Beau rolled the windows down and with such enthusiasm pronounced "MOOOOOO"

so um yeah....moo


PS. This reminds me of a time when beau and his pal were driving down this street at like 2am. They threw a bottle out the window (i do not condone this) and hit a cow. It had escaped, they didn't know it was there, and they hit it with a bottle. It came at them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thought Process

Texas is weird.
Southern Women are charming
Our Accents inspire admiration...and giggles.
Coming to Texas is like going to a different country.
I have terrible writers block so I am just going in short bursts trying to get it back again.
It=writing ability.
I cannot come up with anything to write about.
I am now rambling.
I need to stop.
But I haven't figured out what to write yet.
I hate traffic.
I am addicted to cough drops.
I went into full beast mode this morning at garage sales, and got awesome shiz.
I am really pale
It's only going to get worse through winter
Self tanner makes me orange
Orange is a strange word
I live in Orange Texas.
Texas is weird.
This has no point
I need to do homework
I have to read 3 chapters of Government
I have to make a outline for my next speech in Public Speaking
I need to read four chapters in Theatre
Why did I type "3" but write out "four"
Why do I even notice that
I apologize if you are wasting your life right now.
I feel like doing something completely irrational, with no purpose but to say 'i wanted to'
I have to go get a birthday present for the 2 year old's birthday party.
What do 2 year olds like
2. two..
two. too. to. through. threw.
like a cow!
I like cows.
I want a cow.
A giant one.
Actually a tiny one. one the size of a dog. They have those now.
I want one.
I need to finish my Thing in a Jar.
I am procrastinating the simplest step.
I am procrastinating. Period.
This is boring.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This will make me no friends im sure.

Being Politically correct is HORSESHIT.

-If you are "vertically challenged"- imma call you a midget.
-If you are "horizontally accessable" - imma call you a slut.
-If you are "differently abled" - Imma probably call you handicapped
-BTW I say retard. But I don't mean it horribly, I just refuse to be PC. Because it all means the same thing.
-I'm not going to call my dog my "companion species." Shes a dog. A pet. above her. And just because you can punt her across a room doesn't disqualify her from being a dog. She will still bite your ass.
-Certain pieces of work, are better than others
-There are people prettier than you.
-If you are African American// a person of color- Imma call you black. Because chances are, you don't have dual citizenship with Africa. Hell you probably weren't born there. You probably haven't even been there. So you are black. And I am white. I don't ask to be a "European-Native-American" Because im white. and American. That is all.
-White people aren't the only racists. It applies to anyone buddy.
-My hamburger, will remain a hamburger. I won't call it processed Cow Carcass. Mainly because I like thinking my meat grows on trees. thankyouverymuch
- Women. Not Womyn.
- I will say "Hey your gay" Because if your not, don't get offended. and if you are- you are gay. it's what you are, suck it up. Straight//gay. I dont give a flying flit which, but im not going to cater to your every whim because your sensitive.
-Most Affirmative action is discriminatory against whites. and asians.
- I will judge your culture for a history of cannibalism//sacrifice if you are going to judge mine by slavery.
-Obama is just as white as he is black
-Disability is too easily handed out.  Me or anyone else shouldnt have to pay for your drug//alcohol habits// your add which wont allow you to keep a job.
-You should stop being lazy. And stop bitching about not getting things, because you have to chase after what you want darling.
-Your kids are probably annoying.
-A swat on the butt teaches kids
-Circumsision is not your choice for another parent. Also- I don't want to hear about your choice.
-Rich people should not have to pay more taxes.
-Your conspiracy theory is probably false. Sorry to take that away from you
-A pirate will kick your ninja's ass any day.
-You do not know everything

If I have personally offended you, oh well.. If not- good on you.
But if I did- send me a comment. All comments go directly to my email which pings my phone. SO if you wanna piss me off immencely, ping me late at night. a lot. a lot a lot. I don't wake up to one or two. =]

Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Repent Ye Young Sinner

True Story.

Waiter- "Sinner"

Me- "You make the baby Jesus cry."

Waiter- "No I don't, I'm Catholic"

Beau- "Go Repent Ye Young Sinner"

W- "You don't have to repent when you are as close to your priest as I am"

B-"Yeah, but didn't you ever get tired of waking up next to strange priests?"

W-" They were never strange! We got to know eachother very well throughout the night. THANKYOUVERYMUCH"

Me- " in the biblical sense?"

Who.the.hell. has conversations with their waiter like that?

In other news- I recently became a man

I had a beard too before I..err....shaved it off. Yeah thats right, shaved. Because I'm a man.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Body. I'm trying.

Dear Hair: I love your out of control crazy curls. I am so sorry I used to try to tame you with gel, with straighteners, with nasty products that didn't let you be fabulous. You hold so much personality, and are so easy to style, you let me laugh at girls who have to get ready 2+ hours in advance, because you are always ready to go. Thank you so much. You are my favorite. (just don't tell everyone else)

Dear eyes: I adore the color of you two. You should know I always do my best to make you the center of attention on my face. You allow me to visualize all the absurd people, places, and things i associate with in life and let me see the awe-inspiring sights of the world.

Dear ears: You re small, like moms. I like it. You do your job and go above the line of duty with all the blaring noises I've subjected you too. Sorry, the concerts were too good to pass up. I appreciate you dearly.

Dear nose: You are like a button, and I am very happy with you. You fit with my face well and i have no desire to ever change you. Stay sweet don't change xoxo

Dear lips: I never really give you the credit you deserve. I am always piling on chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, chapstick, lipliner, chapstick. chapstick. chapstick. chapstick. I keep good care of you, and its because i love you and hate when youre in pain. You are the perfect size, shape, and plumpness. I am just getting the hang of highlighting your place on my face properly. give me time. Love you =]

Dear face: You make some of the strangest contortions i or anyone else has ever seen. You are so emotive with every tweak, and i find it highly entertaining to make 'faces'. Everyone always comments on the silly ways you take shape. The single freckle splat straight onto the middle of my right cheek is cute. I have grown extremely fond of it over the years, even making sure I don't cover it too much with makeup. ALSO dear face- You hold makeup extremely well and allow me to always switch things up and be adventurous. Without looking like a clown. And that's good because clowns are terrifying. And then you would look scared. Sad clown wanna kill somebody?

Dear Tattoo: Of course You weren't originally here. But you are here to stay. You mean so much to me. You are so unique and some people don't understand you. It's hard to explain you sometimes, but you are for me. not for anyone else. You should already know how much I love you because I got a needle repeatedly drilled into my skin just so you would be a part of me. And if that's not love I don't know what is.

Dear Hands: You do so much work. Lifting, holding, texting, typing, drawing, coloring, stretching, pulling, tearing. You are almost always dirty. With paint, with dirt, with any sort of random things i get myself into. I paint your nails in vain, and i chew on them mercilessly when I get anxious. You do so much for me, I need to take better pride in you. BTW the single tiny freckle on the left ring finger is adorable. It just joined the family recently, but it's love. It can stay.

Dear Pinkies: You are special and get your own thank you. You are so individual that I can't help but love you. You are the very first thing that mom noticed about me when I was born, and anyone can identify me by you. Even though I can never cover someone's eyes and surprise them. they just run their fingers along you and they instantly know it's me. But I think that's pretty cool too. TruLUV4eva

Dear Tummy: We don't have an awesome relationship. But you are soft, and have given many a small animal and babies a place to rest. I have to be blunt- I am trying to change you. But for now we will have to come to terms.

Dear legs: You poor things. I can't remember a recent time when you haven't been sore. Especially with the recent addition of wearing heels more often. But I love you two. You hold me up and keep on going even when i really don't want to. You climb, and bend, and walk, and skip, and so many more things.

Dear scars: You are each one of many. You each definitely represent adventure, each have a story. Each from a different time in my life. Some are large and have names "Fifth of July" and some of you are barely visible- here's looking at you Theatre door scar. But each of you has a memory, most of them good surprisingly enough. And "fifth of July" I'm sorry. I know you needed stitches. But you re okay. We were too country for that.

Dear large toes: You are weird. In every picture since I was born you have been sticking straight up. And I STILL do that. just habit. It's weird. I'm doing it right now. You know that though...

So dear Body: I love you. I'm Trying. I spend way too much time thinking about all your flaws. My under eye darkness, my pale legs, my small boobs and my tummy..oy.

It would be a lot better if I just stopped. If i took steps to get healthier (which I am) and appreciated the hard work and the good that you do. I love you.

-Nikki. (you) (this is getting complicated.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You will waste your life reading this.

I have not posted a lot lately because absolutely nothing of interest or anything of note has happened.

The most interesting thing has been making speeches, studying, family time, and that's about it. I was told I am a very eloquent speaker, and all my speeches kick ass. So im glad. But seeing as no one is banging on my virtual door to read shit or write about anything in particular it doesnt help me one damn bit.

The most ridiculous thing i have done latelly has been that when traffic was backed up FOR MILES so i left the roadway and drove downhill through the grass onto the feeder. Im daring. Im a badass. It wasn't that steep. I was screaming the entire way.

So yeah. boring. I need to shake things up. NOW.

But until i come up with an idea. i will go back to making speeches, studying, and being a boring blip on earth.

I need hellp!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Story of Dealing with Suicide.

This week (although it is close to an end) is Suicide Prevention Week.

My dear Uncle Matt commited suicide on May 12, 2010

As grim as it is, I do believe I will write my experience with Suicide. So that maybe someone will see it and not feel so alone, and know that no matter what they feel, see, or experience they too will get through it. I apologize in advance if this upsets some.

Graduation. Sweet Sweet Graduation. That is all that Is on my mind as I sit through another Theatre class impatiently waiting for that golden bell to ring, signaling one day closer to the finish line. My friends and I all crack jokes at the silly underclassman, at our teacher, at everything. My teacher gets a phone call that sends her into her locked office, after moments of "Are you sure?" "Are you positive that's how it happened?" heard through the door, she emerges, sobbing. She states that a close family friend has been shot, and was found dead in his backyard. I comfort her half-heartedly. Moments before the bell rings me and two other friends sneak out the door and head to our cars, absentmindedly chatting on the dramatics that were just displayed. I jokingly comment that shes probably lying, but if it did happen "I feel very sorry for the family"
I buzz home and hop onto Facebook. I start creeping on my older Cousin and see the post "KAT CALL MOM RIGHT NOW" from My Uncles best friend. To which she replied something along the lines of "I tried to call Matt but he wont pick up, mom either"

My stomach dropped. Something just wasn't right. I had to go work the Clavinova for a show down at the Theatre that night so I hopped in the car, thinking of everything I had heard. I got incredibly overwhelmed with grief and called my mom.

-(Sobbing) Mom somethings wrong, somethings not right. I think Uncle Matt Died. I dont' have proof bjust all these things are starting to fit together and worry me, call Aunt Susan. Call Grandpa. Call someone. Please.

Mom- "What? What are you talking about? Calm down. Who died?"

-(hysterical) I DONT KNOW IF ANYONE DIED. I just have this really horrible feeling about Uncle Matt. Please call. And call me back and let me know what is going on. Something is wrong.

Mom- "Okay. I will. Hold on. I love you, I'll talk to you in a few"

- MOM you HAVE to promise me you will actually call me and tell me. Don't worry that I have a show tonight. I would rather know than drive myself crazy wondering. Please promise me you will actually call me. Please. You have to actually call me either way this goes. Please. Promise me mom PROMISE ME.

Mom- "Okay i will Nikki. Let me get off the phone so I can start figuring all this out. I love you, Talk to you soon"

I panicked myself down 16th street. Down Green Avenue. Down every street until I parked on the gravel side of the Orange Community Playhouse. I stayed in the car freaking out until I hear a tiny tap on my window. My friend Bridget, asking whats wrong. I hop out of the car and fall directly into her arms, trying to keep it together and rambling incoheriently about how I think my uncle died. She assures me everything is going to be okay and for a moment I believe her. I want to believe her so very badly. My phone rings. Mom.


Mom-(sniffles) It's true. Uncle matt was found shot in his pool.


Mom-They haven't determined yet if it was self inflicted or homicide. Things are leaning toward self inflicted.

-NO THAT ISN'T POSSIBLE. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. WHO WOULD HAVE KILLED UNCLE MATT? EVERYONE LOVED HIM SO MUCH? HE DIdnt have any enemys...did he? who would have done this to him? (sobbing)

Mom- We don't know anything for sure right now. All I know is he was found in the pool, shot.

-NO. i have to let you go.

And i fell apart. The few people there see me and hug me. I want no part of it. I ask for some time alone. In the moments that follow all I can think about is how Uncle Matt felt in the last moments of his life? What happened? Did someone come over to rob them, then got in a fight with him then shot him? I imagined his hands up in surrender trying to make the stranger calm down and put the gun down.

The other option isn't even possible. He is too happy, too loved, too amazing, too funny. is...was... I don't want to wrap my head around the new change.

I escape to the pit, where the clavinova lies. The show must go on. I don't remember really anything about it. I stare at the bronze bunny on my ring. Everytime I feel like crying or just giving up I look down at it and focus on keeping it together. Push buttons, Turn knobs, play music, get the job done. Go forward.

I go home. I collapse. The rest of the night is forgotten.

It becomes more evident over the next few days that it is a suicide. No note. No indication (except in retrospect). No reason why. Had he planned it out? Or simply gone temporarily mad. We have nothing. Nothing except broken pieces, a funeral to plan, and questions. A puzzle with missing pieces. I keep trying to pic up the pieces. I keep trying to make it fit. Nothing fits. Nothing makes sense. Nothing..makes..sense.

I continue with school and theatre, school and theatre. I do not remember these days well. Only moments.

I went to my Aunts house. She had to go make funeral arrangements so I along with mom stayed there to answer the phone and pass on information. Everything reminds me of him. Pictures, clothing, flowers, cabinets, animals. Knowing he had touched each thing. Knowing what great thing he did beyond the back wall a day or so before. Mom went and cleaned the pool filters of the eye-glass cleaners that he never didn't have stocked in his pockets were still finding their way into the system, they now make a soggy heap on the countertop.

I decide to boldly circle the pool. Maybe putting myself in his last position, his last airspace, will bring clarity. I hope that it will all come to me. All the pieces of the puzzle will be found, and they will all fit perfectly. I hope that being in that area i will have every answer i need. I hope it is all a joke and when I go to that space he will come back.

Instead I see dark red in the grout..... Pools of dark red.

Could it? n..noNo... It couldnt... the police wrapped up the scene. I soon find out that doesn't include cleaning. I scream. I run as fast as my body will carry me into the house and tell my mother of what I just saw.. She moves with haste to clean it before my aunt finds it, knowing all too well it will not do any good for that scene to be witnessed.

In the following nights I have nightmares about that particular scene.

The funeral is very fitting. A lovely tribute. He is buried with fishing supplies, and a beer can in hand. I know with absolute certain he would love it. I remember his daughter exclaiming that he would be so pissed that she poured that beer on the ground.

It hurts to know where his physical body now lays. Not here with us, but under dirt, metal and satin. I am not quite at peace with it.


I am in absolute awe of his wife and daughter. I know they are in pain, but have come through it with absolute grace. I love each of them very much and am proud of the manner they are continuing their lives with.

It has been over a year since that day. I'm still trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Still I wonder. Still I drive myself mad over the what ifs and technicalities. More pieces are coming together, but I know the whole struggle is in vain. I know I need to put this game up and move on. And I am getting better at it.

The pain and feeling of loss will never go away. Never fully. But I am still here. I can still tell of the wonderful man I call my Uncle. I am still alive. My heart, though it hurts, is still beating.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Thunder Monster.

So we are getting a light shower here in SETX. Toto apparently doesn't comprehend the light part.

This is what is happening.
What's acctually happening.

This is what she thinks is happening.
What toto thinks is happening

Friday, September 2, 2011

Man, I love college

Well today Kids, we will:

-Teach you how to cook various dishes, and then feed you them
-Learn how to change a dirty diaper. Aw hell thats too easy, lets blindfold you.
-Have a drag show
-Be visited by a stripper
-Play Beer Pong with the teacher
-Have a boob cake with tassles.
-Be highly innapropriate.

Is this real life?

Yes. Yes it is. And it is fabulous.

My contribution was the Drag Show. Because, of course it was.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What in Gay Hell?

I have a speech due tomorrow.

Those two things are related.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things that go bump...all the time.

I live in a haunted house. I have accepted this from the time I was small. But it still gives me the heebie jeebies when Toto is chasing something around the house, barking, biting at, and growling at something that I CANNOT SEE. I also have a very handy ghost radar that went off at the same time. Creepy shit yall.

Also on much the same note- me and Beau saw a spirit the other night and it about scared me to death. (no pun) It was one of the most fasinatingly scary things on earth.

Random facts:
*I want to go ghost hunting again.
*Me and Beau met in a cemetary- but im not gonna really touch on that now lol.
*I have seen two spirits in my life. That i knew without a shadow of a doubt that is what i saw.

That is all
Booo! you whore

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They dropped it like it was hot.

Today marks 5 years of the removal of the title "Planet" from Pluto.

and all I have to say is -WTF NASA

I still consider it a planet. Try and stop me. I will stab you in the left testicular with a sharp moon rock, but try, go ahead. Not a threat- A promise.

But on a serious note- I honestly don't understand why the change was made. It was like that for a while...

It hurts my heart to know that my future children will now have to say "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine" WTF. NINE WHAT? Way to leave a giant cliffhanger to us all NASA.


I decided to go to an outside source, and apparently, I am the only one heartbroken about this.

But to truly test that theory, I took it to the good people at Omegle because that is, after all where the great thinkers of my generation go to answer life's pressing questions.

They didn't fail me.
Welcome to the future.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My bum hurts.

Because I just got VIOLATED by my school's bookstore.


That is including two USED ones. And excluding one book that the publisher sent the wrong package for. Which just so happens to be the most expensive book I will have to buy. That one book will be $200 alone y'all! This is ridiculous!

Add that to tuition, regular school supplies, and all the GD fees we 'have' to pay like to use the stupid library. Which is consequently where I am typing this from. I am going to use that money to its fullest. What pisssssessss me off beyond all belief is when The librarians and school admins get on to the student population for using too much paper. I SPENT $200 DOLLARS IN LIBRARY FEES. WE ALL DID. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT MONEY GOING IF NOT TO EFFING PAPER. SO NO. I will not limit how much paper I want to use. I will use all of it if I damn well please. I PAID FOR IT.



I need an icepack

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back on my Grind

I solemnly swear to never say that again.
Now that that is out of the way-

My second "official" year in college started this morning bright in shining in the morn at 8. What was I thinking taking a class starting at 8am? I'll tell you what I was thinking taking a class starting at 8am- I had no choice. It's because I procrastinate. Because all later classes were filled. Because this is the only time slot I still had open. Because I had to. Maybe one day when I have a tubed up piece of parchment in my hand will I forgive myself for having to wake up at 6.

My 8 am class is my Intro to Computing class. I think I am really going to like the teacher. I already took this class once but had to drop it because my teacher bored me to tears and she hated me. So I made sure to not get her again. Here's looking at you- Mrs. Jinx. Here's to you for failing me even though you could have made it seem like I was never there at all. And here's to you for hating me because I could look at stumble upon all class long and still make A's on your tests.

Also- I have a Public Speaking class. I am too socially awkward for this shit yall! My teacher's the bomb-diggity even though she did relate us all to eagles. Eagles are huge and I'm pretty sure they could eat me whole. Oh and it's illegal to kill the bald ones. OK so that makes them bad-asses, I'm suddenly more okay being compared to one. She once ran for Congress. The teacher, not the eagle. Because the eagle is me. And I didn't run for Congress.

Government sucks. That's all the nice things I have to say about that class.

A weird thing always happens at the beginning of the school year. Well two. Well a lot but I'll talk about two.
1. I always start out super motivated to stay on top of everything and super organized. this always fails.
2. There's always a crap-ton of people at the beginning. It freaks me out.

And another thing I noticed- Everyone hides behind their cellular devices. :/

No Apple for Mrs. Jinxs!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My life has been boring lately.
I have a class tonight on how to teach because once again I will be teaching religion. Thatttss right, I am the molder of young minds. I taught my own 1st grade class last year. (Seriously, whooo lets ME teach first graders Catholic Religion by myself! I did pretty good though. Pat on the back to me)Anywho I am not a teacher this year but a helper in 5th grade which is awesome becaue I don't have to do lesson plans. I win.

But that is not the point of this. This the exact polor opposite of what I was just talking about. That is north and this is south.

I am going to just briefly touch on how awkward it is to send or recieve a text message not meant for the other person//me.

I cannot tell you how many times friends have talked shit on people and accidently sent it to them, i have recently had a few friendships dissolve because of that. But screw em its for the better if they were gonna talk mess anyway! I will cut them. Ok not really.

But it's worse when you recieve an *ahem* explicit message from someone and it was NOT MEANT FOR YOUR EYES. Serious, have you seen what acid can do to an eye? thats kind of what mine feel like.



My name's Nikki and I approve this message.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Im melting.

Man, it is HOT yall!

Getting into a car with 100+ degree weather outside is enough to make my skin crawl away and hide. My leather steering wheel doenst exactly feel nice and cozy on my phalanges.

This is what I have resorted to.

(please excuse my little sausage fingers and my dirty fingernails.)

Yes. That is a pipe cleaner.
No that is not my car. It's Momma Bears. It was behind mine so I drove it instead because quite frankly im lazy.

I had one on each side (10&2) and used that to steer. I looked like I was in charge of a horse-drawn buggy, and it was awesome.

Luckily my steering wheel cooled down five minutes down a back road so the only thing that saw me was a cow. And i swear to Henry, I swear I witnessed that heifer laugh at me.

It is hot it is hot it is hot IT IS HOT

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Catfish Whisperer

I touched base on my twitter on what happened a few days ago, but I think it needs a longer explanation. So here it is..How beau became the Catfish Whisperer (an illustrated story)

We were at the river (There are stars in our eyes because we are in LOOVEEEE)
A catfish was swimming down the river. Beau and it locked eyes. It was love at first sight
It swam closer
Then It allowed Beau to pick it up WITH HIS BARE HANDS
He let it go and it swam into the sunset

And I really wish I was making all of that up.
I saw it
I saw it with my own two eyes.

Beau of course thinks hes big pimpin master of the catfish.


We have a Whiner!

For once, I wasn't the poutey one.

Have you ever been to Bucees?
He hasnt. He never even knew it was a real place until we passed 15 billboards for it in our town. The rest of the night he wouldnt shut his pie hole and got all butt hurt because i wouldn't drive 2+ hours at 6pm FOR A GAS STATION

He is still wanting to go to the magical place of the beaver. How in the world did I get into this? It's getting bad.

On a different note- Geocashing is the shiznit. I kinda suck at it but Im getting better! I feel like a pirate going on a secret mission to go treasure hunting. AKA I feel like a badass. yeahhhh buddy!

Give me yer booty or I'll make you walk the plank!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My names Nikki and I am a HUGE creeper

So at the risk of appearing more creepy than we all know I really am I have to share that my blog-idol completely just said we can be best friends.


Getting up today was totally worth it.

Santa Claus had a Drug Charge?

I carry a notebook around most everywhere I go. It helps me when I get anxious and upset and it is just handy when I am bored. I love notebooks. I have about a cagillion and eight and almost none of them are full, because I get distracted easily.

Anyway as Beau was laying ill in the hospital bed at the ER I wrote down all my random thoughts (hospitals make me nervous, it was necessary.)
You can see the time progression in how ridiculous I got. I am in no way proud of the state of mind I got into. We were there until 3:00 in the morning! Don't judge to harshly.

Thoughts from the ER

-I LOVE the bitchy lady @ vidor burger-king =) She was completely rude and unnecessary, but entertaining none-the less.

-Why do people bring 3+ people with them to the ER. That is just stupid. and Selfish. Some people could actually use those seats their behemoth sized relatives'booties are in.

- Large amounts of (loud) people make me nervous. Think of something else. Gophers! But gophers get in large groups too. Awwwhhhh shytee.

-Public Service Announcement: If you re over the age of 13 you should NOT be in the Kid zone playing with blocks. Thank you, that is all.

- I wonder if there is a way to sterilize some people without their knowledge. How would you go about that? Slip something into their drinks? Like Roofies? The new date-sterilization trend would dramatically improve this world.

- There needs to be a date sterilization drug.

- How can I trick toto into wearing and liking puppy shoes?

-Trashy people are Trashy.

- Mont. Trash-e-zuma needs to be made. A giant island for all the trashy people to be put on. And once there they can be given the date-sterilization drug and live happily ever after. THE END.

-Beau please stop crying =[

- How many names for calling someone an ass can I come up with?

-No. Flirting with the nurse is not cool, Beau. I do not care how much nicer she is to you because of it!

- Scratch that. Flirt all you want. Cute Doctor =]

-Me: "I wonder what I could use in this room in case zombies make a go for it, we are in a hospital, it would be prime location"
(Doped up) Beau MORE BOTTLES OF MORPHINE. So we don't feel it when we get nibbled on!!! OHH OH OH OHH AND the zolphram! For nausea!

-If I hear that freaking machine go off one more time I will go street rat crazy.

-Beau. Get that smug look off your face before I smack it off.

-Wishing you were Charlie Sheen is not appropriate,beau. Not appropriate at all!

-I want a giant chair shaped like a hand.

-Ohhh what I would give for a comfy bed.
*This uncomfortable chair, television,beaus left kidney (you only need one), Oranges, etc etc

-Bitch don't come in here! I ain't your daughter! IDK What room they moved her to! I'll get crunk wit chew gurlll BITCH PLEASE. (obviously one of my shining moments. I lose all decency when sleep deprived. Depending who you are you will find me a ton more interesting//funny//annoying. your choice)

-Diabetes if freakin scary y'all! My whole life I just thought it was just no sugar for you! That shit can make you blind! HOLY C&B

-It is sad to realize your heroes have no clue who in hell you are.

- I want to jump into the blue fountain and see if it will turn me blue. How great would it be to be a smurf for a while! I wonder who i can convince to be my papa smurf. I get to be smurfette! ME! I DO! ME MEMEMEEMEMMEMEME! Smurfs remind me of Donnie Darko. Jake Gyllenhall is hawt lyk omg!!111!! ahh. I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE.

- I need footie pajamas. And a snuggie. Is that overkill? I want a cape too. And my footie pajamas need a hood! With a face! And a cape!

-Fruit of the loom! I am not super concerned if my future kids undies "look real fly" quit that you dirty fruit group you.
*Apple meet me out back ;)

-Santa had a drug charge! THAT MAKES MY CHILDHOOD SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you beau for that piece of knowledge. what?
It was a cocaine charge? No wonder he lives in the midst of all that white fluffy stuff!

Not exactly a shining star night for me.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I really don't like being an adult. It bores me. I should have been injected with puppy-forever when I was small. Except..maybe fed it because I once punched a nurse in the face for trying to give me a shot. I wish I was making that up.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update- Me now.

mmm mmm mmm. Look at me now.

I really need sleep.


I am starting to tweet a lot more than anyone probably cares about. I found out about a site (by creeping another blog) that predicts something you will tweet next and i have to say....i am a fucking lunatic. Obviously. Don't normal people get things like "Going for a run"

This is what I get:

-Was in the car, this not fun. Smores and rescue missions. Intense staring match with the mail.

-Watching brayndon. Of course they can predict my lungs in my dog. I love I have not wanted to gag

Along with some other pretty strange shit.

Jesus Christ.

When did this happen and why wasn't I told!

I hung out with my dear friend, T-Wayne, today and we decided to go to the highschool to visit our old chemistry teacher, who is the most amazing chemistry teacher on the face of the planet.

She let us blow things up on a consistent basis, set huge fires in her room, and we once evacuated the school. She has several times but I was there once which makes me jealous of everyone else who were there the other time because there really is nothing like a school hearing alarms and in an organized stampede going outside. And getting to watch the confused horror on their faces and knowing that I helped put it there. I happen to get a bit smug.

And then there was the explosion. Ok that really didnt happen.

Anyway we are walking in and the following conversation occured

T-Wayne : "Why do I get the feeling I am walking into hell"
Me: "Because you are. That's not a feeling, that is a fact."

And that pretty much wraps up how I feel about highschool.

We are minding our own business. Noticing the little changes here and there they made and la-di-dah. This man/janitor person came up to me and asked if I needed help getting my door unlocked to set up my room for the year.

WHEN did I become old enough to look like I can have a highschool Classroom of my own?
I get that I look 12. 16 on a good day. Today is not a good day. I had about 5% (its really convinent that 5 and % are on the same key) makeup on and yet i still look that old? Give me a break. Whennnn did That happen. I am both stoked and Sad. (I don't know why I Keep capitalizing things at random. Sorry)

I am about 95% (5!!) sure I am going insane.

-Nikki. Bitch.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Papi's Obituary

Surrounded by his beloved family, Dennis Roy Montgomery, 75, of Orange, Texas, passed away at Harbor Hospital in Beaumont, Texas following a heart operation.

Dennis was born on June 8th, 1936, in Tunnelton, West Virginia, the only child of Maxie and Roy Montgomery. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. Throughout his career, he worked in chemical plants in Akron OH, Institute, WV, and Orange TX, retiring from Bayer in 1998.

After retirement, Dennis had time to work on his various hobbies, including reading, writing, cooking, art, photography, genealogy, and history. His passion for photography led him to build a dark room at home where he developed his own photographs. He shared his eye for art and photography with his grandchildren. Dennis’ numerous accomplishments include publishing articles in professional magazines, creating and sharing a family genealogy book, writing a book on historical buildings in his hometown, and he was in the process of writing a book on the history of coal mining in his county of birth.

Dennis enjoyed sharing his love of reading, especially of philosophical ideas with his children and grandchildren, causing some heated discussions! Most people who knew Dennis knew certain things about him. Things like he loved a good joke---or even a bad one! Dennis enjoyed cooking for his family. His homemade bread, chocolate cake, sweet sauce meatloaf and many other dishes made the family flock to the table. Dennis was a strong, caring man who wasn’t afraid of much. One of the things he wasn’t afraid of was speaking his mind. Although he cared about others, he never hesitated to offer anyone his opinion, whether they liked it or not; however, he was willing to listen when opinions were different from his own.

Dennis was preceded in death by his parents and his son-in-law, Matthew Rivette. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Mary Montgomery, his children: Denise Moody of Orange, TX; David Montgomery and wife, Lea, of Magnolia, TX; Brian Montgomery of Round Rock, TX; Susan Rivette of Orange, TX; Kristan McBride and husband, Norman, of Longview, TX and his grandchildren: Katrina Rivette, Nicole Moody, Brittany and Branden Montgomery, and Kirsten, Nathan, and Andrew McBride.

A private funeral mass was held at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community on Friday, June 29th, with Fr. Tom Phelan officiating. Burial will be at a family cemetery in West Virginia. The family wishes to thank all those who offered prayers for Dennis and to the many caring staff persons at Harbor Hospital. If desired, donations may be made in Dennis’ memory to the Bridge City Public Library Building Fund. We already miss you Popi. The world has lost a funny, strong, wise and caring man.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Texas > you

I always feel superior when im driving and I see a license plate from a different state.
Everyone knows texas drivers are better. We are.

You stay golden

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Groomers make all the difference.

Toto looked like a scrag-muffin so a groomer's visit was in order!

Momma bear made the appointment and this is how I found out.

She stuck a post-it note to Toto's little mop head and sent her into the kitchen, where I was on the computer.
I got the message and this morning- Off Toto went to her new big adventure.

Did I mention she hates the vet/groomer? Well she hates the vet/groomer. :] I tend to be helpful like that.

I just got her back and oh my goodness she is so cute I can not stand it!!!


She's still upset with me for leaving her there though.

There. I said it.

I have a confession to make....

I collect tiny clocks and mason jars.

There. I said it.
Im so glad we had this talk.

That being said, I got 15 mason jars for $5 today. Im feeling like a champ. And I picked up two precious blue ones from a pickers' shop the other day. and I already know what I am doing with each one.

Death. a long-winded rant.


I have been faced with the mortality of humans quite a lot, expecially here lately.
I have had classmates pass on before it was truly their time, comforted friends as they mourned their loved ones, been heartbroken at the shock of an unexpected death, and here lately I have sat bedside as life slips from someones eyes.

It is all difficult. Each in it's own ways, but somehow the rest of us go on. Not quite the same, a little stronger, a little more worn, but we do go on. Because simply- we must.

When I was little everytime my family went out of town and then returned I expected that everything would be completely different. The neon signs would be brighter, our sleepy town more high-tech and fast-paced. . And I came home every. single. time. to realize it was still the same sleepy town that i had left days prior. I expected everything to catch up to my fast paced mind from all the exciting (mostly) things i experienced on my trip. That because I changed, it too would be forced to change. It was at this young age I came to realize that whether I am there or not- Life will go on, as it always has. And It is a grim thing to realize of course but i think it is as important as anything.

Later down the road when I started to become distinctly aware of tragity I often believed that when I was going through something, the world would stop on a dime. Just for me. This of course is extremely naive, and more obviously did not happen. But once again it provided me the lesson that Life does not stop. For anyone.

These both are slightly depressing to really think about, but to me I also find it comforting. That no matter how hectic/crazy/depressing my personal life gets, the world at large will still be spinning just the same. Something will still be normal. Something will not be affected.

I am getting off topic of what I really wanted this post to be about. I have that habit. Bear with me.

So just to jump right into what I really want to say-

I believe death is a beautiful thing.

I sat in a hospital for 2 weeks with Beau, his family, and more importantly- his mother. She was extremely ill and the doctors told us to prepare ourselves to bury her. She has had a rough life, it appears a different illness plauges her every month. But still she troops on, strong as ever. I have witnessed how much pain she is in at times- mentally and physically- and the entire family was at the point where they didn't want her to suffer anymore. She was in a bad state and in so much pain it would bring me to tears to even see it. She was about to die. She didn't I would like to point out, that woman is stubborn. But at the time we all put our own feelings aside to see that death would bring her freedom. Freedom from pain, from suffering, and from the turmoil she is in during this lifetime. We are all selfish and completely thrilled she pulled through, but if it was her time to go we would have understood- and in a way been grateful. Not because we dont love her, but because we love her so much we dont want her to suffer anymore.

Death is a freedom, a sort of a celebration. Freedom from this life and all it brings.
-Celebrating for that fact and the fact that that person is now with all their loved ones that have passed on before them. Be that spouse, parents, friends, family.

But Death is a battle for the people left after. Selfishly wanting them here, while rejoicing that they are free from pain. It is an inner war that brings so many distress in times that are already hectic enough.

Now my family and myself are facing this battle once more. My grandfather is sick, as I have previously posted. He isn't getting better, and he is for all intensive purpouses living off of a machine. You can see in his eyes he is miserable, and we all know this isn't the life he wants to lead. So we have decided, as hard as it is, to pull the machine. It is his wishes, but all the same it is extremely painful for us. I am trying to remember in this time what I have already said. He will not suffer anymore, and he will be reunited with everyone he loves. He is the last of his biological family here on earth, and I know he misses them all dearly. And I know that tomorrow, if it is his time to go, they will all be waiting for him with open arms, and a loving smile.

But for all of us here, it is still a time of loss. It creates an extreme sense of conflict in ourselves.

But above all I do believe that death is a beautiful thing. When your number is up and God calls you home, i feel it is a wonderful celebration. I am trying my hardest to remember that in the days that follow.

Struggling with Love and Loss,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where is the Justice?!!

I love me some Val Kilmer. LOVE. But please someone explain how


Turned into

It breaks my heart.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Words of Wisdom

"Well, the way I see it, the more good people you push away because of petty arguments and disagreements, the worse off your life is going to be."

So simple, yet so true.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girl Days

After being surrounded by family, 'in-laws', stress, trouble, and a slew of horrible things. oh and boys. surrounded by nothing but boys. It will take a toll on you. That is why I am so excited for some time out just to spend time with my best friend today.

I used to be one of those girls who was like "I get along with boys better, I only have boy friends, girls bring too much drama blah blah blippity blah" But I have recently found out the importance of having friends of the female variety.

Five reasons why having girl friends is essential.

1. They get it. Sorry boys, but girls will trump you in understanding another girls problems.

2. You can chatter (gossip) till the cows come home. Gossip is such an ugly word. More like- Bonding over common nosey-ness.

3. They are easier to talk to. Period.

4. You can get squealy and school-girl-esq without being judged. "omgsh he said WHAT? eeekkkk that totally means he is going to ask you to marry him" Love. Every girl needs these moments. Don't lie and say you don't (unless youre a boy. That is probably foreign to you if you're a boy)

5. Ice cream. I cannot tell you how much ice cream has been shared between me and girl pals. It fixes everything from broken hearts to swollen mouths. and everything in between.

6. (i know i said five but this needs to be said) They smell better. Sorry! Universal truth.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The lack of communication

There has been NUMEROUS family emergencies back to back to back NON STOP the last two weeks. So when I get good and relaxed, i will resume.

I have not forgotten you mon frere

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gearing up for Vans Warped Tour 2011 HOUSTON

Going to Warped Tour 2011 in Houston, Texas tomorrow.
Going with my best guy friend Tyler and an old friend i haven't seen in ages, Travis.

There are so many good bands going, I can't even list them all.
so ^^^ there is the offical list

These are the things I personally need to remember.
1. Money
2. Large Water Bottle for standing outside of the gates.
3. Small backpack to carry mine and the boys crap in
4. Camera (please. If there is a God, please don't let my camera get broken)
5. Extra Change of Clothes for after.
6. Bandana
7. Wear Closed Toe shoes
8. Don't bother with much makeup
9. SUNSCREEN. (no repeats of the beach, please)
10. No dangly earrings, hair, clothing. NONE.
11. Don't bring good sunglasses. (chances are i wont have them at the end of the day)
12. Check the schedule, know where it is.
13. Leave smell good stuff in car for after
14. When there- watch the skys.

15. OLD CELL PHONES. cutting them linessss
Wish me luck!

Here's hoping I don't get punched in the face like last year. <3

Turning Point

I am at a point in my life that big decisions need to be made.
Or at least thought about more in-depth.

And i have come to the absolute conclusion that no matter what i do or say about any big decisions, I am going to piss someone off. In a big way.

And I know the logical thing to say is "screw them all do what makes you happy" but that is a lot easier said than done for me because i am too polite to make people mad on purpose (unless i really really want to. but i still feel bad after)

Like I would really like to post things on here or on fb, or say things to peoples face, but they would offend people in my life so much that its easier to just hold my tounge. I would really like to get my true thoughts and feelings out in the open about certain people in my life, and certain events, but its just not worth the hassle in the end.

So i am being torn in two opposite directions

1. Get everything into the open. Make decisions for me and only me without thinking of anyone else because it's not their life. Go insane because of the backlash that would come with it.
2. Keep everything in. Make decisions while taking everyone's thoughts and opinions close on my mind. Go insane because im not fully in control of my own life.

So either way- im going to go insane.

So which way is better? Only time would tell. Some things need to be done of course, Some things need to be said. But how do I go about it in such a way to not entirely piss of majorities in my life?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Smell Of Rain

absolutely delights my heart. =]

I sure am glad that we got a storm. Heaven knows we need it.

Near 2 feet under what we should have gotten this year.
Wildfires springing up everywhere
Crops failing completely,
Burn ban.
No fireworks for the 4th.

We need the rain.
And I sure do love it.

My only problem is that Toto is going besurk because the Thunder Monster is outside.

Other than that- Bliss.

My birthday weekend (the concise edition)


-Beaus mom got life-flighted to the hospital. Met her there at 1:45 am Friday morning

-Left Hospital at Noon,assured she was a-ok.

-Finished packing and last minute shopping. Loaded up car

-Drove to Galveston, tired as all get out, Beau fell asleep on the way.

-Ferry. Dolphin Palooza

-Got to Galveston, traffic sucks.

-Checked in at the Beachcomber Inn. Top floor. Stairs damn near vertical.

-Harnessed ourselves into a little metal cage. Got shot up 130 feet going 0-70 mph in 1.5 seconds. Freefell 100ft face first.

-Mini Golf. Kicked beaus butt. We cheated.

-Golden Corral for supper. Beau ate steak rare. he is nasty.

-Back to the hotel to rest briefly.

-Got Marble Slab. Mine was birthday cake(duh) with marshmellows, oreo bits and grahm crackers. sinful.

-Drove around the island

-Back to the hotel, crashed out for the night


-Momma Bear arrives at 8.

- Ihop for breakfast. They sang to me and gave me ice cream.

-Moody Gardens, Rainforest!

-Moody Gardens, Aquarium!

-Watched Seal and Penguin feedings


-Momma and Beau get into beforementioned bungee cage. Proud of momma

-Water Ride at the Rainforest Cafe

-Ate at the Rainforest Cafe for supper. VOLCANO and embarrased me for my birthday. I had to get up, put two cups in my mouth (very reminicent of a birthday at joes crab shack some 10 years ago) and flap my arms like a bird in front of the entire restraunt whilst they sang to me. Video later


- Beau and I walked the beach at dark

-Crash out for the night

Sunday Funday!

-Slept, Grumpy when forced up


- Beach



-Ferry/no dolphins.

-Hospital to see Beaus Mother and Godmother. And my papi. Who is looking a lot better =]


Now we are all (momma bear, me, beau) in excruciating pain from our sunburns. going 12-2 wasnt smart.

Beau has 2nd degree burns.

Buttt my birthday weekend was absolutely fabulous, better than i could have asked for. Filled with suprises, laughter, and new adventures =]

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Mo

Mo the Crocodile! He (along with a large snake named Cornpuff) was brought to the Bridge City Public Library by Gator Country- stars of CMT's Gator911.

I fail to remember the man's name that did the presentation, but big props to him! He handled near 200 people with grace, humor and nerves of steel (what do else is to be expected from someone who works with alligators for a living!) on top of which he was AMAZING with all the kids. So good job Gator Country!

Sick Baby Buck


Beau's grandmother is bottle-feeding three baby deer including this one. He got sick and super dehydrated so she had to take him home and feed him round clock.

Baby Buck


Newborn Deer

Baby Deer


Baby Buck passed away later that night. <3 RIP baby buck =[

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The IV chronicles

Let me tell you something very fundamental about me.

I hate hospitals. With a fire-hot-burning-passion.

So being stuck in a bed in the ER from 9pm to near 2 in the morning wasn't exactly my idea of a phenomenal night.

My right side of my abdomen has been hurting for about a month or two now. The knife really slams in after I have eaten, and it has gotten horrific the last week. It has been so bad I often feel like saying my goodbyes to people here because I know that pain is the feeling of the devil about to drag me down. It is that intense.

Now I am assuming that if you have any medical prowess what so ever you are already on to what is going on in my oh so pain-filled body.

Anyway I am in tears and screaming like an exorcist was being performed on me. I was waiting for my head to spin around right on the spot.

Beau is witnessing this and forces me to go to the ER, calls Momma Bear who meets us there promptly.

There is a girl in the waiting room who is -for a lack of a better term- projectile vomiting. I just knew all this was leading up to the devil popping up in the waiting room, saying all my shenanigans were enough and I'm going with him as he chomps down on my side, it's all there right? Actually I do believe him chomping on my side would have felt better at that point.

Apparently the staff was worried about me because I went to the back almost as soon as I sat down, and as soon as i got back the tests and doctors started.

Now- What I hate more than hospitals is needles; sucks that they tend to go hand in hand.

Imagine my sheer joy when they told me i got to get an IV!
Kidding! it's me. I cried and had an anxiety attack.

They try on the underside of my forearm to get it but to my pleasure i found i have two horrible problems

- Venous Spasm. In layman's terms when a needle comes close to it, my veins get scared and hide. Wonderful. This is even made better when you know:
- My veins are unusually deep in my muscle.

After some fishing around the nurse sighed and i know what is about to come. She cant get it in that location.

So she takes it out. I am on the brink of passing out, I feel it creeping up.

Then she decides that my right elbow is the place to be.

On a side note- I hate turnakits.

She finally gets a light pink IV in my arm which then irritates me the rest of the night.
But that's not the best part! The IV wont draw any blood. Things go in as proved by the massive amounts of pain meds they shot up it, to my pleasure.

The unicorns were good to me after that. I was drifting in the stars among all things good.

Big Props to DAVE in lab over at the hospital in Orange Texas. He had to draw blood and made it not suck. Yay Dave! Me and the rainbows thank you.

All this floating, rainbows, unicorns, and stars comes to a SCREECHING halt.

*knock knock knock*
Mrs. M we need to have an ultrasound on you.

So i was crying in pain for the next fifteen minutes as a ultrasound wand was being jabbed into my side, putting enough pressure on it for a building to collapse, i feel. The poor tech. She asked "Is your side tender to the touch?" "Yes Extremely" "Oh bother, you are about to really not care for me"

She was correct, all that schooling of hers paid off for something!!

I get back to the room and am now in a state of delirious pain. It is a very unique feeling that I don't recommend to anyone. I am in so much pain, but cannot communicate effectively, i felt like everyone hated me, and everyone was mad at me, i got so frustrated and confused that i started crying. yes i am pathetic. I will openly admit to that.

The doctor comes in and says he believes i have.......the beginning stages of gallbladder disease. Oh my god. Like that wasn't the most obvious thing ever!

Here's the real kicker. Mrs. One Job Lori (a nail on the head from this article) was assigned to get me discharged. Including pulling my IV. She is the woman who will not be bothered with anything but her job. and her job was to discharge me right then and there. me-"can i have some pain medication for tonight because all the pain i originally came in with is back" one job Lori- "the doctor prescribed you fennigrin(sp)" and rips out the IV from my tender little arm.

FENNIGRIN is for nausea. When in the hell did I complain about nausea? NEVER. So I am in for many many more nights of terrific pain because I have nothing for it. But i do have something to keep my non-existant nausea at bay! So thank god for that.

Ugh. Then they offer a shot of pain meds after Beau goes and complains that they suck. a shot that should have gone through my IV. Thank you One Job Lori.

I got some vicadin i have from a wreck i was in a long time ago and popped one of those and went to sleep.

Heres to another painful night!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why I almost punched Beau in the Face.

My car has been REEKING for a solid week now. I spray it down with heavy-duty-obnoxiously-strong strawberry air freshener every single day but the smell still persists. It smells like death and bad decisions. And I can't quite put my finger on it. But it is something fierce.

Finally figured it out yesterday!

Gross Baby WOUNDED Shad

Beau left an opened package Gross Nasty WOUNDED BABY SHAD in his tackle bag. FOR A WEEK. Oh. My. God.

It still smells horrible, but we are recouping.

Lady will survive, Beau however may not.
Kidding. Kinda. Ok I am.

Looking forward to sweet smelling days on the horizon

Cane Pole Fishing

This is what me and beau did yesterday

Cane Pole Fishing

The last time I used a Cane Pole was when I was in 5th grade at this outdoor wilderness camping thing my school forced us all to go to.

But apparently according to Beau's Uncle, Cane Pole Fishing is awesome for perch fishing?

IDK, I kinda suck at it. There doesn't seem to be too much to it though. I am just not still enough to watch a bob for if it moves correctly.

Look into the face of evil.

Put pretty simple all the same:
Cane Pole, String, Bob, Weight, Snap Swivel, Hook, Bait.

Oh and 105 degree weather.

We used glow-in the dark worms that we could still see under the water. Prettyy cool. I still feel bad every time Beau cuts up a poor little worm =[ (I wont touch it. So im a bad fisher-woman, sue me.)

We kept getting good strong hits, but I believe we were dealing with either a turtle or the smartest fish on earth, either way it was messing with us. Took bait from underneith so we couldn't set a hook into it.

I wont be updating at all this weekend because IT'S BEAU'S BIRTHDAY!!! :D On Sunday. So we are going to his mommas for the weekend.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Toto

Curious pup

Hell froze over
(Hell must have frozen for her to be still AND looking at the camera. Lets go ice skating)

She is adorable, I know. She also is in desperate need of a groomer.

Just relaxing
Just chillin in the 95 degree big deal.

Toto is the type of dog that's nice to come home to. Tail a'waggin she greets you at the door and follows you wherever you may go, eagerly sniffing at tossed off shoes, attempting to decode what brave, marvelous adventures you've been on. (Dogs always think you are a hero) She hops on the couch wanting to be loved on.

This lasts about five point five minutes and then she ignores you entirely. You become a part of the couch to her. Unless that is, Unless you touch one of her toys. I swear if you touch one of her favorites she will come galloping from wherever she is, usually
-her chair
-her cave, or
-her sunny spot by the window.

That being said, she is also a spoiled brat.

--She has so many toys that we can rotate them. When she gets tired of some we put them up and pull her old ones out of hiding and she is like a kid on christmas thinking she just got all new toys! Except for like 4 that she will get visibly upset if she can't find and frantically searches the entire house. Then she goes to her only coping mechanism after trying to solve this problem. Crying. Until we go find them for her.--

Where's my ball?
looking for her ball

-She has several balls in different color. She picks a new one every day and wont play with any of the others. Today's was red. -

A puppy's love

She is a little rebel. Toto knows her commands and she openly defys them. She acknowleges that she hears you then ignores what you say. Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn! If she doesn't feel like doing something it's NOT getting done.

For example: I will say "Toto,come!". She will prance into the room, look at in my eyes, throw back her tiny little head and WALK AWAY!!

OOOOO she makes me so mad sometimes! But I love her. She is a goof. When I was choosing her from the litter, I bonded with her immediately, we even share the same birthday *melodramatic tear*

As soon as i picked her up the first words out of her breeders mouth was "this one's weird" Right she was. right she was... She's got spunk and i like her! (say that last part with the entusiasm of russel in "UP")
Puppy Parka

She is also melodramatic and constantly acts like I am trying to ruin her life.
Toto Monster
Too Hot
She was pussyfooting around acting like the chain was a venomous snake, and one wrong move would be her ultimate demise

Look at her little paws, acting like she is to dainty to be walking on a cold ground. paaa-leasee.

Whatever. She's spoiled, strange, and melodramatic. I love her =]